My Kind of Town 

I took an Architectural boat tour with some of my students and JoBeth, and my sister Jill even came along.  This was on Wednesday, and the weather was gorgeous.  Chicago is an amazing town for Architecture, and via boat you see it in an entirely different perspective.  It is wonderful to see how the city continues to evolve and how they have finally realized the potential of the river development.  It continues to be one of the great Architectural metropolises in the world.

Great skyline with the new Trump Tower on the far right.  I like it in spite of its name.

The ubiquitous Sears Tower (I refuse to call it by that other name):

And Bertrand Goldberg, a perennial favorite:

I love the reflections of the other buildings in this facade.

333 North Wacker, another great favorite (the Nuveen building)

And the big surprise was the development on the north river that I ususlly cannot see:

And the old historic bridge houses, as the many bridges on the river all raise up to allow boat passage.

On a fiber note, I was able to make great progress on some sock knitting which I will show tomorrow.  I am also spinning, on the new Jensen wheel this green and purple from Into the Whirled.  This is a Shetland fiber, and I love spinning it and the “sheepiness” of the fiber, not to mention my favorite colors. I just do not know what this will become.

And on my Joy, some more Into the Whirled that I will ply with 2 singles of variegated that I have already spun.   This is a Polwarth/Silk blend and since I had spun the other 2 bobbins on the Joy, I wanted to be consistent so that the fiber would be close in thickness.  Again, no project in mind.

Both of these were fibers from the Spin-Along in February to March, so I am catching up on my spinning and doing a fairly good job of not purchasing too much more.  I have to really love something at this point to stash it away.