The Sock Report

The Sock Report is a new eMagazine, the brainchild of Janel Laidman, a favorite designer of mine.  It is a free bi-annual magazine devoted to socks and knitting which uses sock yarn.  And as every sock knitter knows, or if you ever start knitting socks,  it is easy to build up a stash of sock yarn.  After all, it only takes one skein to make a pair of socks, so you are not committed to purchasing a sweaters worth of yarn.  Also, one always needs to have extra colors on hand for colorwork or fancy toes.  It makes a great souvenir from a vacation.  Your husband doesn’t notice as much with one small skein at a time entering the house. And then, when you start spinning, you have even more fingering stash to use up, again in smaller quantities as you try all of the wonderfully dyed fibers available.  This magazine is right up my alley.  Here are some of my favorite projects:

This color combination reminds me of my recent Laidman shawl:

Doesn’t the pink gradient version look like my handspun?

And of course, since I have so much handspun to knit, I was immediately drawn to the shawls.

This shawl has been on my list since I first saw it.  It was in her club from last year, Arcadia:

And there are lots of socks of course, I really want to knit a pair of these:

And fun things too…

As you can see, the photography is beautiful.  There are articles to read, new yarns to discover, and even a fun contest.

One pattern for $6.50, or the whole set for $16.

Off to read more!