I don’t get Knitting Podcasts 

Perhaps someone can help me here.  Having watched a couple of Knitting Podcasts, some recommended by fellow knitters, I do not understand the appeal, nor why advertisers would pay for this.  Some might say the same about my blog, but you can just quickly look at the photos and don’t have to hear cats barfing in the background or the inane babbling of the host, or worse the showing of items on their iPad by bringing it closer to the camera lens.  Trying to watch one the other day and I felt like it was watching a train wreck in slow motion.  I love blogs with video, especially when it is explaining a technique, and I enjoy looking at the photos on blogs.  There is one blogger I follow where I only look at the photos, she is a great photographer, but I could never read her text—too cutsie.

I finally blocked out my Little Wing shawl by Janel Laidman.  I wish that I had more yarn to make it bigger, but it did block nicely. It is drying outside on this beautiful day, and I will have finished photos later today.