Spinning and knitting up handspun 

The Tour de Fleece started on Saturday (spinning during the tour de France and posting on Ravelry).   I forgot to post on Saturday, and then on Sunday a powerful storm ripped through the Chicago area causing massive outages.  We were without power for a day and a half.  Luckily my neighbor had a generator that she graciously let us plug our basement refrigerator in to, which saved most of the food.  And that meant that yesterday, in the heat, with no electronic entertainment, I cleaned out the upstairs fridge, and it looks great.

This is what I am starting to spin, from Woolgatherings, a roving painted for an SAL on Ravelry.  After my classes with Jacey last weekend, I came home, and was able to take control over my Jensen wheel better, and spin a very fine lace yarn with this fiber.  It will take me awhile to get through 2 braids,  but I love the colors and have not decided if the second ply should be the other painted roving or the copper solid coordinate.

And I finally finished knitting my echo shawl.  I think.  I have ripped back the edging once completely and once partly, then added on to it.  I was using 2 gradient spins back to back, and wanted to end up with the green as the bind-off.  Just in case I still do not like it after it is off the blocking boards, I still have not cut the yarn from the skein.  The colors are a bit off because of the blue blocking boards.