Embarrassing Canning/Knitting moment

I have started canning again, this is my first big tomato haul from the garden, and that with the previous 2 days gave me enough to can 3 quarts.

The colors were so beautiful in the pan cooking, and in the jars.  Red tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, black tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. The final haul for this week was:  3 quarts tomatoes; 9 pints dill pickles; 4 pints + 4 1/2 pints of Bread & butter pickles.

I did have a canning/knitting embarrassing moment though.  I went downstairs to pull up my big processing pot and brought it to the kitchen, where 2 of my good friends were sitting…

And I opened the pot, out popped yarn!  Everyone got a good laugh, but it is becoming a bit of a problem if I had to put it in unused kitchenware!