Going, Going, Gone

It is so often true that you never really appreciate something until it is gone.  When we moved in this house we had 2 large spruce trees in the backyard,  the largest having been planted right next to the garage.  We took that done fairly quickly as it was ruining the roof of the garage.  The area under the pine trees has always been no man’s land, as nothing would grow there, and you didn’t want to walk in that area, the needles were painful on bare feet. Seating would acquire sap on it.  So, I tolerated it, then learned to love it for the beauty and nature that it brought, from the pesky little squirrels to the Cardinal family that came back every year, and all kinds of finches and robins that we would have in the back yard.  This spring, no birds moved in (how did they know that the tree was sick?), and in May the tree started dying.  Initially we thought that we would wait until the Fall to take it down, but the drought exacerbated the problem and we had needles everywhere in our yard, and the magnificent tree was now also an eyesore.



But, with every change comes a new design problem to solve.  I have a larger area that is full sun, great for my tomatoes, and room to reconfigure that landscaping.  In the meantime, I have left the stump, and am using it as a table.  I have moved some planters over there to mask some of the barrenness.  Next spring will bring a new design, I have some ideas.