Fessing Up

This booty all came on the day that we were taking Ethan back to school.  I was away when it arrived, and my husband lovingly, with no snide comments, put it aside for me.  I had really not been planning on purchasing any more fiber. Really.

Then the CAS spin-along had these colors custom dyed up for our group from Greenwood Fiberworks, Fig was the inspiration.  How could I resist?   I plunged deep on this one, I am going to have to think of something special to make with all of this.

This was the inspiration photo:

Polwarth, color Figs with matching Plum

50% Merino, 25% bamboo, 25% silk.  again, Figs with matching Plum.  This is so incredibly soft!

And I loved how the colors changed with the fiber.

And then, Kimber at Fiber Optic had to go and dye up this colorway.  I had been restraining myself of late, and only purchasing something that I absolutely loved.  This fit the bill so much that I got 4 braids, I want to make a really large circular shawl out of this.  Color is Dusty Plum to Olive, merino and silk, another of her beautiful gradients.  At least there is a theme going on here (Plum).