Happy Birthday to ME! 

Dan and I spent the weekend in Wisconsin, staying at one of our favorite B&B’s in Whitewater, Hamilton House, and visiting the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival for the 3rd year running.  How I did not know about this before, I am not sure.  I think that because I was not a spinner yet, I thought that there would be little that I would be interested in.  Wrong.

During the weekend I took a 1/2 day class with Kate Larsen on spinning handpainted fibers, I was hoping to learn some techniques to avoid getting the mud that I sometimes end up with.  We combed painted locks and spun those, that was interesting, in addition to trying some new techniques with hand dyed roving.

While I was taking this class Dan was taking an all-day cheese making class. He had a lot of fun also, and I was happy that there were options for him.  Even so, he is always a good sport for a wool festival.  So, we had a couple of nights at the restaurant The Black Sheep (how appropriate given the weekend), and visited Old World Wisconsin on Sunday.  Lovely times, great weather.  The first night at dinner I told my husband that I would just like to have this weekend away every year at the wool festival for my birthday (which is in a couple of weeks), he was greatly relieved as he said that he was struggling with ideas.  And, my purchases came guilt-free!

The very first thing that I purchased was this black sheep/white sheep knitting mug from Jennie the Potter.  There were very few left, and I knew if I thought it over I would miss out on it.  Destined to become my morning coffee mug, and waiting for my knitting room to be complete.

Some little things, the little broom looking things are pot scrubbers, most to be gifted…

Natural variegated BFL, 1# worth from Gale’s Art.

I could not miss out on the Fiber Optic booth.  Looking at the gradients first-hand, I feel that I had already purchased the ones I like the most, except for this one, the pastel gradient.  I was going to get 2 braids, but when Kimber told me that she was spinning up the Polkadots and Moonbeams pencil roving right now, I realized that they were the same colors, and the lightbulb went on, these will be plyed together.

As always I had to stop by Carol’s booth from Rivers Edge Fiber Arts, this is a very unique combination of fibers (30% blend of Banana/Milk/Soy; 70% Superwash Merino), it will be fun to spin up.

Carol also showed me a great way to pull apart a silk hankie and spin it, or knit directly from it.  So, naturally I had to try one.

There was a booth from the Morning Sun Fiber Barn from Iowa, and after petting this Baby Camel and Angora at least 3 times, I knew that I needed to add it to my pile. Two ounces of each, should be enough to make a pair of stranded mittens for myself.  I will love to put my hands in these every day.

And this book, Swedish Handknits, I had not seen it yet as it is hot off the presses, I have not had a chance to delve into it, but the authors are the same as the Norwegian Handknits book that I purchased a few years back.  The Swedish Institute will have an exhibit in October with the inspiration pieces alongside the samples knit for the book. Maybe we can make that exhibit.

A very good Birthday weekend indeed!