Birthday Sisters 


On Ravelry, we have a small but wonderful group that comes together every year.  Our bond is September 22nd, and a love of fiber.  This is the third year in a row that we have done a gift exchange, and it is always so wonderful to have a present waiting, especially from someone who understands the fiber addiction/pull/love.

This year I got this package from ActiveNana:


Full of wonderful little packages:

Beautiful bright roving, I think that this is destined to be spun and knit into Fair Isle mittens with some natural rovings:


A hand knit dish cloth, in my favorite colors!


Sock yarn, similar colorway, from Kokopelli Creations (not used this yarn previously) she obviously read my favorite colors:

Wine lovers stitch markers!

And who could forget Chocolate?

And, I forgot to photograph what I made for my Twin Exchange.  But, I did learn how to sew a project bag, here it is in progress, alas not finished photos, so I will just have to make some more.  Thanks to Jane for finding this pattern for me.



And yesterday I was out with my friend touring PARKing Day set-ups, and saw this beauty at a Vintage store.  Could not resist.  An original Eva Zeisel pitcher.  I love it, and it is my Birthday after all…