Slow but Steady


I went back to my Jensen wheel this week, and finished spinning up a couple of languishing projects.  I have made great progress on these this week.  And, I am sometimes a slow learner.  My wheel is equipped with hooks (as are my other wheels), no fancy slider or Woolie Winder for me.  I had always been moving the fiber along the hooks on the right side of the flyer, then I read about someone alternating sides.  Duhhh!!!  The hooks are slightly off alignment, so I get a very nicely wound even bobbin.  I know that some people do not like to stop to move the fiber, but it is not that big of a deal, the first pass on the bobbin requires more moving, but I get to check my fiber along the way for consistency.  So, my “better wound” fibers are posted below.

This is English Sheltand from Into the Whirled, color Gwydir, I am not sure whether to ply this with a natural wool, or order the purple coordinate.  I have loved spinning with the Shetland, it has such a “sheepy” feel to it:

And this is fiber from Woolgatherings, color is Starling, Polwarth/Silk:

I am going to spin this with a coordinate in copper to get a 3ply for either fair isle or mittens

Much of my spinning output has been 2-ply, and it has limited uses.  The shear spinning volume has kept me from making more 3ply yarn, but it really is the type that I would make use of more.  I have plenty of shawls, and am actually saving some of my Fiber Optic for future shawl projects.