Take 5


The Pattern name is Take 5, and the front says:

  • Take 5 minutes
  • Choose 5 fabrics
  • And in 5 hours you’ve made this fantastic quilt!

Well, when I first carried around the large flower print for 30 minutes, then had to keep adding colors (this is prior to picking the pattern), I should have known it would be a bit longer.  I invited my knitting buddy Mimi over yesterday to spend the day quilting.  I knew that having someone here would motivate me to keep at the project for a longer period of time (it also motivated me to pull out an almost-finished, languishing quilt project after I am done with this).

The cutting took me about 2 hours, I did not cut through all 5 layers at once as suggested, my mat was not large enough, and neither my confidence in my rotary cutting abilities.  Mimi went with me to the craft store to get a new rotary cutter.  I needed a new blade anyways, and decided that a larger diameter would be better.

After cutting, the instructions had you put the fabrics into piles according to size and fabric number.  It took more time than one would have thought, but made the piecing part so much quicker.

Sewing was about 3 hours to complete 2 sections yesterday, and about 2 hours for the remaining 3 today.  Not bad so far, 7 hours.  Now I need to place them, sew the blocks together, and add the 2 border sections.

This is the best color rendition of any of the photos: