Vogue Knitting Live Recap 

I spent last weekend at the historic Palmer House Hotel in downtown Chicago taking classes at Vogue Knitting Live, their first appearance in Chicago.

Day one was a class on English Tailoring.  The gist of which is that you knit an inset sleeve to the front and back instead of sewing, and have a tailored sleeve with 2 small seams at the back.  Judy Weisenberg (cocoknits) was the instructor, and I loved this class.  Can’t wait to apply it to my own sweaters, but I think that I might first practice again by using one of her patterns.  Would have been the perfect class if I could have stuffed a ball of yarn in the obnoxious person who sat behind me and tried to talk over the teacher each time she spoke.  How does a teacher control that?  Wish that I had been able to say something to quiet her, my friend said that I should have said that I spent money to listen to the teacher, not her.

Day 2 was lectures only, the first one being Parlor Tricks, learned some great things, absolutely worth while.  The second was Nicky Epstein, and I could have passed on looking at her past projects.

Day 3 was 2 classes, the first we learned to put in a zipper.  Great class again!

Second class was Oddball stitches with CookieA.  I have the funniest swatches from that class.  Fun as always to be in one of her classes, what a great teacher.

The market was under whelming, although I have my eye on ordering some bamboo in the future for a bamboo Fair Isle sweater, so soft and lightweight.  I did find this cute project bag with a grommet in it for my sock knitting.

And, I purchased this book, hot off the presses.  I love it, have almost finished the cover hat. More on that tomorrow.

The last day, I finally found the gallery (they had to move it from an obscure corner, as nobody knew they were there), with some amazing knitting and knit art.  This was a knitting group project knitting up of all of the US Presidents:

Go Obama!!!