Landfill Harmonic

Today is not about knitting, which I am sure will please my followers who humor me by reading this blog even though they do not knit or spin.  I saw this video and absolutely had to post it.  It is one of the most amazing things that I have seen, and cannot wait for the full film.


This has special meaning to me also, as my friend Theresa and I came up with the idea for PING! 15 years ago, and it is a thriving organization now helping over 100 children every year to play music in the schools.  Even though I do not know how to play an instrument, or even read a note, I know how important music can be in someone’s life.  I have had a recurring dream over many years that I sit down to a piano and play an amazing concert.  Who knows, perhaps in a previous life.  In the meantime, knitting is my music.