Merry Christmas! 

My blog post is late, as are my Christmas Cards.  We were very busy in the couple of weeks up to Christmas.  The house had insulation blown in the walls and attic floor (what an amazing difference for this 100-year-old lovely lady —the house, not me).  That meant a lot of cleaning out in the attic for the couple of months prior, and after the
was complete, a lot of cleaning in the house.  Originally this house was heated with a coal-fired boiler, so whenever trim is pulled off, there is a fine layer of coal dust beneath it.  Blowing in the insulation pushed some of that out  and meant a thorough cleaning of all the floors, trim, furniture, etc.

Then it was time to go to Platteville and see Ethan graduate!!! It was not really his official graduation, as he is remaining a student to allow him to return to Tokyo to complete his Fellowship from 2 years ago which had been cut short due to the Tsunami.  His degree is in Engineering Physics, and he showed us many of the equipment that he built or worked on, very much over my head.  So proud of him.



And for Christmas, my amazing husband got me this book, I love the resource books with traditional patterns.  This will be a great addition to my library:


And this great wooden ball winder.  It is so smooth, and can wind those very large skeins.  I love it!  Have wanted it for years.  Now to just finish up my knitting room so that it has a permanent home.