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    Color for a Dreary Day 

    The main body of my shawl with the KnitGirlls gradient from Fiber Optic is complete.  Now I am trying to figure out how the lace bind off is done, I am a bit perplexed at the moment.  I sent an email to the designer, and she did respond, I need to try again with her suggestions.  Love the colors, and cant wait to wear this.


    Continuing with the colorfest, I have spun the first half of a lovely orange/yellow/pink braid from JulieSpins, 100% merino.  This is destined to become a shawl for Sofia, the pattern will be determined by the yardage that I get.  Hoping for 800 yards of 2ply, it is a 5 ounce braid, so maybe…


    And on my Joy I finally finished the second of 2 oddball braids that I had purchased from a fellow Raveler’s stash.  The spinning on these was started during the past summer when I was traveling a lot, and were easily forgotten when things settled down and I was at home playing with my wonderful Jensen.  The two braids had a common color of bright green one playing with purple, the other with pinks.  During the plying I keep wondering if they are just going to turn to mud or not, hopefully a finished photo tomorrow.

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    Cat on Sheep 

    To amuse you while I try to figure out how to post from my iPad…

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    KnitGrills gradient 

    Previously I wrote about this beautiful fiber that I purchased from Fiber Optic that was dyed up for the KnitGrills podcast.  I loved these colors and it was a different combination than I had previously tried or had in my stash.


    Spinning for 2 weeks, on a very consistent basis, I was able to get 1,220 yards of a 2 ply light fingering weight yarn.  It required 2 separate bobbins to wind it up together, but I wanted to wind them as one big center pull ball, the colors look so amazing that way, and I have my new wonderful ball winder to accomplish this with.






    Then I searched for a pattern that would both maximize the use of this lovely yarn, and was interesting for me to knit, and most importantly would show off the gradient to the best use.  Centrino was the pattern that I finally settled on, by Laura Nelkin.  It is a circular shawl, started at the center obviously, I have been busy knitting away and enjoying the pattern.  The center section was completed with the blue portion of my yarn, which was not as even and fine as the rest, that worked out well as it is a more dense part of the pattern.


    Currently I am working on the lace section and even though the photograph does not show it well, the purples are coming out in this part.  The merino/silk blend is so beautiful, but very hard to photograph the intricacies of the colors, especially the purples.



    • Diane 5:13 pm on January 26, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      That is a beautiful pattern and i can’t wait to see the finished project. I am sure it will be gorgeous.


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    These socks were almost finished for the Equinox, they were a gift to Dan for Christmas, I had to give him one sock and finish the second on Christmas day.  The pattern is from the Janel Laidman Knitterati 2012 sock club.  The detail was moved from the front and back to the sides of the sock, I felt that it looked more manly that way.  They are a bit tight to pull over the heel, and I am not sure if that is a factor of switching the cable pattern to the side.  Otherwise they are a nice fit with ribbing on the top and bottom of the foot.  The cashmere in the yarn doesn’t hurt either.



    Pattern: Equinox
    Pattern Source: Janel Laidman sock club 2012
    Yarn: String Theory hand dyed Caper sock yarn
    Needles: US 1
    Date Started: 12/?/12
    Date Finished: 12/25/12
    Finished Dimensions: Men’s large

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    Handspun Mittens 


    I made these mittens for Cass for Christmas.  The fiber is handspun Shetland from Into The Whirled.  I do love spinning Shetland.



    I spun two braids of the multi and ended up getting a third braid from someone’s destash to get a nice 3-ply yarn.


    They knit up into a fun pair of mittens (and I have enough left to make a pair for myself), the pattern is my own standard improvised as I knit pattern.  This one was on size 3 needles, cast on 48 sts, rib for 24 row, 6 rows of straight stitch, increase for the thumb to 24 stitches and knit to desired length.


    So now he can give my Mom back the ones that I gave to her!

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    Zebras Again 


    I finally finished the Zebra sweater and dress for my niece Riley. It had sat unfinished for quite some time waiting for steeking, which is always a bit unnerving regardless of how many times that I do it. You spend all this time knitting a complicated fair ilse colorwork, to then take scissors to and cut it in half.




    The biggest advantage is that all those ends do not have to be woven in.

    The sleeves are more difficult, as they need to be the same depth. I put a black yarn in the center of the sleeve steek, counted the stripes and added a pin to know where to stop.



    I love the soft pink and orange stripes that I chose for this sweater. The orange is a tribute to my brother’s favorite color, softened down for a little girl. The zebra stripes give it some pizzazz.


    Waiting for a little girl to play in it.


    Pattern: Zebra Striper
    Pattern Source: Dale of Norway Pamphlet #8101
    Yarn: Baby Ull by Dale of Norway
    Needles: US 1 & 2
    Date Started: 4/8/10
    Date Finished: 12/30/12
    Finished Dimensions: 3 Years old

    • Diane 9:46 pm on January 12, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      What a lucky little girl–this is absolutely adorable and she will look so cute in the outfit. Good job!


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    Distaff Day 


    Today is Distaff Day, the day after the 12th night of Christmas, Spinning Daily had this article. Historically women went back to work today at all of their chores, including spinning while the men waited until Plow Monday, the first Monday after Epiphany. Here is a photo of my distaff on my spinning wheel. Beautiful, but I have yet to use it as I have not attempted flax nor raw silk.

    I am currently finishing up my first braid of the Fiber Optic gradient, Rouge-Violet-Cerulean which was created for a spin along with the TheKnitGirllls podcast. I don’t follow this podcast (or any podcasts really), but loved the gradient that Kimber made up for them.


    I do think that this might be my finest spinning yet, and the gentle color transitions of this gradient will make for a beautiful shawl. Notice the thread carrying diagonally across the bobbin. This was mentioned in The Spinners Companion as a way to keep the finer threads from getting lost by burying into the spinning below. When you finish at the last hook on the bottom, simply move the single diagonally back to the top of the bobbin. I have only really lost a thread once and it was a disaster that I had to cut my way out of. I did not want to take any chances with this fiber as it would destroy the gradation, seems to be working so far.

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    Just ask Martha 

    I want to take a couple of posts to talk about some of the Christmas presents that I gave. Hard to write about them on the off-chance that the recipient might actually read my blog (definitely not a problem with items made for my husband).

    Just ask MarthaThis sweater and hat and mitten set was made for my niece Rebecca, for her American Girl Doll Rebecca. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might remember the amazing thank you drawings that I got in the past for Barbie clothes that I knit for her. She is such a cutie, and an appreciative recipient. This was a pattern that I bought many years ago to make for my daughter’s doll. While my daughter did receive some sweaters for her dolls, I was not confident enough in my stranded knitting at the time to tackle this pattern. The pattern was very well written, much better than most that I find today.

    The knitting was very straight forward, I used some Baby Blatt yarn that was in my stash. As I was applying the last finishing touches, I needed to make a pompom for the top of the hat. In the past, my pompoms have often been less than fluffy, and the double doughnut method never seems to work real well. So, off to google to search an alternative, and I found this post by Martha Stewart.

    Essentially you take a strip of cardboard the radius of your finished pompom size. Cut slits at each end and insert a longer piece of yarn

    Then wrap the yarn around the cardboard about 150 times.

    Gently slide out the cardboard, keeping the longer yarn separate. Tie a tight knot.

    Cut all of the threads and trim!

    Voila! A perfect pompom.

    • Rose 6:20 am on September 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Is the pattern for the pink gown made of tiny balls available for purchase?


      • knitting1105 3:09 pm on October 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        I purchased it a few years ago, not sure where you can get it now.


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    The Accidental Knitted Christmas 

    Knitted gifts were not on the radar for Christmas this year. I was not interested in the stress of completing them, nor trying to decide what to make. Then, I decided to make a pair of socks for Dan this year from one of my sock clubs (thinking of how to stuff his stocking is always a challenge). Then we were going to visit my Mom and Cass, they are so hard to think of things to get and always appreciate knitted items. On the way back we were stopping at my brother’s house, and I had that beautiful Dale of Norway outfit was started when my niece was born (she is 2 1/2 now, luckily I made the larger size). The booties for a soon to be niece/nephew, and lastly—the cute sweater for another niece and her American Girl Doll. Well, none were completed on time and in 3 instances I had to wrap up an unfinished gift and ask for it back to finish. Here they are, to be discussed in length on a future post.

    Drumroll please….


    I think I will plan ahead next year. And start in June.

    • Lisa 7:23 pm on January 2, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I decided that the month of the Recipients birthday is the month I will try to make their gift. So by December all the gifts should be completed.


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