Distaff Day 


Today is Distaff Day, the day after the 12th night of Christmas, Spinning Daily had this article. Historically women went back to work today at all of their chores, including spinning while the men waited until Plow Monday, the first Monday after Epiphany. Here is a photo of my distaff on my spinning wheel. Beautiful, but I have yet to use it as I have not attempted flax nor raw silk.

I am currently finishing up my first braid of the Fiber Optic gradient, Rouge-Violet-Cerulean which was created for a spin along with the TheKnitGirllls podcast. I don’t follow this podcast (or any podcasts really), but loved the gradient that Kimber made up for them.


I do think that this might be my finest spinning yet, and the gentle color transitions of this gradient will make for a beautiful shawl. Notice the thread carrying diagonally across the bobbin. This was mentioned in The Spinners Companion as a way to keep the finer threads from getting lost by burying into the spinning below. When you finish at the last hook on the bottom, simply move the single diagonally back to the top of the bobbin. I have only really lost a thread once and it was a disaster that I had to cut my way out of. I did not want to take any chances with this fiber as it would destroy the gradation, seems to be working so far.