KnitGrills gradient 

Previously I wrote about this beautiful fiber that I purchased from Fiber Optic that was dyed up for the KnitGrills podcast.  I loved these colors and it was a different combination than I had previously tried or had in my stash.


Spinning for 2 weeks, on a very consistent basis, I was able to get 1,220 yards of a 2 ply light fingering weight yarn.  It required 2 separate bobbins to wind it up together, but I wanted to wind them as one big center pull ball, the colors look so amazing that way, and I have my new wonderful ball winder to accomplish this with.






Then I searched for a pattern that would both maximize the use of this lovely yarn, and was interesting for me to knit, and most importantly would show off the gradient to the best use.  Centrino was the pattern that I finally settled on, by Laura Nelkin.  It is a circular shawl, started at the center obviously, I have been busy knitting away and enjoying the pattern.  The center section was completed with the blue portion of my yarn, which was not as even and fine as the rest, that worked out well as it is a more dense part of the pattern.


Currently I am working on the lace section and even though the photograph does not show it well, the purples are coming out in this part.  The merino/silk blend is so beautiful, but very hard to photograph the intricacies of the colors, especially the purples.