KnitGrills Shawl 

The bind off of this shawl finally got finished yesterday, it seemed to go on forever and was not intuitive, so I had to have my pattern up all the time.  I also put in a lifeline prior to starting the lace bind off, and good thing as I made a mistake at one pint that might have cost me quite a bit of repair time.  The bind off was a 32 row repeat, done 36 times and each row between 4 and 7 stitches and turning the work each time (that’s about 6,000 stitches just for the edging!) Thank goodness for my iPad!  I found a free PDF markup program, and need to research more which would be the best one to purchase.

This photo does a pretty good job of capturing the colors.  The finished diameter after blocking is 44″.  I am excited to wear this to my knitting group tonight.



Pattern: Centrino
Pattern Source: Nelkin Designs
Yarn: Handspun 2ply from Knitgirlls gradient by Fiber Optic
Needles: US 6
Date Started: 1/18/13
Date Finished: 2/10/13
Finished Dimensions: 44″ diameter

Here is my helper with the photography session.


About 75 yards of the red left over. Perfect because I was not nervous, but not too much left that I am disappointed it was not bigger.