Spring Cleaning

Fiber Optic is having a spring spin-along with whatever of their fibers one has on hand to spin. And I have a lot… My first spin was this pencil roving, 50% superwash Merino and 50% Bamboo. This was my first spinning with a bamboo blend, it took me awhile to get into the groove, but once I figured it out this was a very pleasant and easy spin. I achieved 330 yards of a 2 ply wi 5 ounces, I am sure I would get better yardage next time, will have to keep my eye out for this blend.

The color for this was Jing Tai, and it was from Kimber’s fiber club a couple of years ago. After finishing this I needed to choose another fiber to spin (this is going until tax day). It was time to really take a counting of all of the Fiber Optic fiber that I have on hand. It is easy to collect when they go into lots of different nooks and crannies. I tend to purchase her gradients that I like when they come up for sale, as some are not repeated often. So that said, here is my stash of just Fiber Optic braids.


Since this is a spring spin-along, I wanted to choose a bright cheery color.  I choose the Turquoise to Tangerine which also has lots of color changes to keep me interested.