Yesterday was the second day of YarnCon 2013.  It was moved from the Fall to the Spring, and to a new location at the Plumber’s Union Hall.  There were many more vendors at the event than last year, and quite a different selection.  Last year I had a fun time perusing the event, but did not purchase anything, this year was different.  Lorraine was my companion for the day, she had a 2 hour class on weaving at the beginning of the day, and I had a 1 hour class on acid dying mid afternoon.  We were lucky enough to be the last of the first 50, which meant that we got a bag of goodies, which was quite a treat.


A couple of these items require elaboration.  First, the yarn is from Juniper Moon, and was donated by the owner Susan Gibbs.  This is such a soft combination of Llama, Merino and Cotton, should make a gorgeous winter hat.  Susan also gave a very interesting one hour lecture on her journey from Producer to Sheep farmer to Yarn company, both informative and entertaining.


The magazine By Hand was one of Ms. Gibbs latest ventures.  This issue is from last Fall, and so of course I had to purchase the current one.  The magazine celebrates everything done by hand and is broken down into chapters titled:  Cook, Grow, Build, Stitch and Craft .  There are some amazing recipes that I am anxious to try, including Turnip Bacon Soup, and Rhubarb Chutney.


My shopping was limited.  I have learned to make at least one round at fiber fairs to see what catches my eye.  Later I allow myself to purchase, and this has greatly reduced my spending. There was so much yarn from Indy Dyers, and I was really only interested in the sock yarn.  I had gone to the event thinking that I would purchase from one particular vendor, but this beautiful yarn from  Happy Fuzzy Yarn caught my eye.  And she is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan to boot (my alma mater)! This is 50% Superwash Merino and 50% Tencel.


And how can one pass by at least some fiber for spinning.  I was not drawn to any of the hand dyed fibers at the event, and this may not look like much, but I wish that you could reach through the computer and touch it, Shetland and Angora (from rabbits), it is so incredibly soft.  Will make a great pair of mittens.


And one bump of dyed fiber to add contrast to this luscious soft fiber.


My last purchase was something that was not even on my radar, a new project bag from poise.cc.  The structure of this bag, having a square bottom that always sits upright, intrigued me.  When the designer mentioned that the top fabric is Vintage Japanese, I was hooked. I already love this bag, and it will become my go-to project bag from now on, attending knitting with me tonight.



The afternoon ended with a class on acid dying yarn.  Given that this was the first and only time that I have attempted to dye fiber, I am very happy with my end result!




And, if you do not have enough craft supplies, check out this sale, coming up in 2 weeks in Chicago.  Love the mantra: Do it Your Own D*mn Self!