Rumors of my Spinning have been Greatly Exaggerated

To malign a quote from Mark Twain, they have been exaggerated by me.   Not on purpose, but rather because I neglected to actually measure my niddy-noddy, which instead of the assumed 2-yard length, is actually 1-3/4 yard.  A funny size if you ask me, this is the one made by Ashford.  Here is the first part hand wound on my niddy-noddy and the blue section wound on my new skein winder.


So, instead of the great yardage that I was assuming I was getting, I have improved more modestly than I have been taking credit for.  That said, this spin was for the Fiber Optic spin-along, and I used a much smaller whorl on my wheel, I can happily report that this is 1250 yards (correctly rewound and measured after washing).  I am really happy with the weight and consistency on this spin, the fiber color is Turquoise to Tangerine.

Fiber Optic 2013




Now I am desperately seeking the perfect pattern for this, as a knit-along with Fiber Optic has started. Suggestions appreciated.