Op-Art Socks




I am seldom so excited about a new knitting book published (let’s be fair, I have a LOT), that I feel the need to blog about it right away.

This book is one of the few exceptions!  

This morning, an email arrived from Knitting Daily, I usually give them a cursory glance and delete them, most posts are simply advertisements for one of their books, or irrelevant postings.  Yes, this is a book, but a new one, and one I am very excited to have.  The deal until October 24th is that you will get an eBook instantly, and a pre-order for the hard copy.  This is my favorite way to get patterns.  When necessary, I will take a PDF, but much prefer a hard copy.  Too many media delivery systems have become obsolete, and you are stuck repurchasing something over.  Books never go out of date. Now I have the best of both, quick access and portability, and long-term use on my shelf.

If you can resist the cover, just look at some of the patterns inside.  It will be difficult to decide what to knit first.  These patterns literally knocked my socks off!!



Not all of the patterns are colorwork.  There are a whopping 19 different sock patterns in this book, 13 are stranded colorwork, and 6 are solid color patterned socks.  So, even if you do not currently knit Fair Isle, buy the book for the day that you will.

I have another book that Stephanie published previously, which also has some great patterns.