Making of a Star 

This star was made by me and the kids about 20+ years ago.  My mother taught us how to make these out of old Christmas cards when we were kids. It was really interesting to see how the graphics have changed from this star to the one we just made.  The more current cards have much more vibrant colors, graphics are more generic, less Christian.


Over this past weekend, Sofia and I made a new star for her.  I have been saving the front of Christmas cards for the past couple of years.  We don’t get as many as previously, not as many people send out cards in general, or they are letters or photos.


First I redrafted the pattern, this should print out to scale.  From top to bottom is 5″

Star Templates

Copy this pattern onto a stiff cardboard or plastic, such as quilting templates. Cut out evenly, I used an xacto knife and straight edge to get it perfect..


Then, with cards that I had been saving up, Sofia first transferred the large 6-sided  template onto a card, and then the diamond shape centered on that.  Using a ball point pen gives a crisp edge which comes in handy when bending back the tabs. You will need 60 cutouts.




Bend back the tabs on all of the 60 cutouts to give 60 diamonds with tabs.  Sometimes the cardstock is too heavy to bend back evenly, I then score them with an xacto knife and straight edge, just don’t cut deep, only a light surface score is necessary.


The first step is to glue 3 diamonds together, 20 sets of these.  Good old Elmer’s glue works the best, and dries clear at the edge if there is a little bit of overspill.  Let them lay flat to dry completely.  The card on the left is from a card my sister Jill sent one year, I can tell from the writing and portions of the note left.



Next fold them up into a point, glue the tabs together and allow to dry completely.  We used large paperclips to hold them together when needed, some of the cardstock is more porous than others.


I glue 5 sets of points together, 3 sections, leaving the last 5 points as singles.


Glue the 3 large sections together.


Add the last points in one at a time.  The very last is the hardest and most tedious.


And a finished star.  Just waiting for glitter glue on all the joints, to hide any mistakes, strengthen the star and add a touch of pizzazz.