Goodbye Cookie, and Cookies

My last shipment from the CookieA sock club, of which I have been a member for the past 3 years, arrived a couple of days ago.  As Part of the club, every other month Cookie sends a skein of custom dyed yarn from an Indy dyer, 2 different sock patterns, and 2 cookie recipes.  Over the past 3 years, I have enjoyed trying out different yarns that either I had not heard of, or were not available to me.  Most of them I liked, and I have stayed true to the club and knit one of the sock patterns for that month with the given yarn.  There still remains a couple of past patterns/yarn that need to be knit up.  The cookies, I have tried a few recipes, but since I was the only one eating sweets, I did not bake up most of them.  However, I did make Madelines, and loved them.

This pattern that was from August 2013, Artemis, and the sock yarn is from Miss Babs, color: Inkwell.  I love, love, love the color of this yarn, and the yarn knits up very nicely.  The socks are recently finished just in time for my husband for Christmas, used almost every last inch.  The pattern, however, is not a favorite, I find it to be very uninspiring, I could have come up with cables on the leg and a twisted rib foot section.  Normally, Cookie’s patterns have an intricate flow to them, the pattern proceeds onto the foot, and the heel is incorporated, something was missing from this one.  Knitting it up firmed my resolve to stop the club, save some money, and work with what I have.  While my husband will love them and the color is beautiful, I find this the most disappointing pattern of her’s that I have knit to date.


A detail shot of the cables on the leg, 2 bands of slightly different width’s and repeats around the circumference.


Pattern: Artemis
Pattern Source: Cookie A’s Sock Club 2013, August pattern
Yarn: Miss Bab’s Cosmic Fingering Yarn, color Inkwell
Needles: US 1
Date Started: 11/?/12
Date Finished: 12/18/13
Finished Dimensions: Men’s size large

Tanis Fiber Arts, the last shipment of yarn for me from the club, arrived a few days ago.  Last year I received a skein from this dyer as a birthday present that is begging to be knit up.  This color is right up my alley, and I like the pattern, so these will be for me.  Casting on after the Christmas knitting is finished.   Being in the club for 3 years has been great, Cookie is a great designer, and her attention to detail is phenomenal, hardly a mistake in the patterns, and when found they were corrected in short order.  That said, I am seeing some repeats of designs. While the club was fun, it is time to use up some of the yarn in my stash, finish up past CookieA club knitting, go to my newest sock book for inspiration, finish up some Janel Laidman socks from her past club, and try designing some of my own socks.


Ironic that I am saying goodbye to Cookie at the same time that my new Dr put me on a Gluten/Dairy/Refined Sugar free diet.  No more cookies for the time being.  I am embracing this new diet, and feel if I can make it through the holidays, I am clear sailing.  You might just see some of the great new recipes that I have been trying here also.