Only for Love 

Those of you who know me are aware that my favorite needle sizes are 1 & 2’s with an occasional 3 or 4 (American sizes) thrown in.  I love tight-knit, small stitch knitting.  So, only for precious Sofia would I pull out my size 13’s and double an already bulky for me yarn.

Remember this book that I got at Vogue for free?  I was sure that some of the sweaters would be right up her alley.


I was right, and she chose this one.  Basically a tube with a reversed large cable on one side.  Also, not my detailed, fitted pattern preference.


This was yarn that I had purchased from a woman’s destash of her mother’s knitting.  Again, not my style, but I already had Sofia in the back of my head when I bought this.


I had 2 skeins of this yarn, and it filled my skein winder.  It was way to big for even my special heavy-duty ball winder, so I wound it by hand.  It was difficult as the ball quickly became larger than my large mitts. (Phone for scale)


Then I started knitting.


This weekend I need to pull it off the needles and put on a string and have her make sure that it is big enough and that she would actually wear it if I finish it.