Spin the Bin

I just realized that I have not posted in almost 3 weeks.  I am not really sure where the time has gone, I have been spinning and knitting and trying to stay warm.  School closed today and tomorrow and most people working from home, although it is not as cold as it was 3 weeks ago.

As part of a Ravelry Challenge, I chose 12 different fibers to spin over the course of the year.  When I saw the challenge, I knew that I wanted to participate, I just was having the dickens of a time choosing what I would like to work on for the next year.  This does not preclude adding things to the pile, it is just that if you take one item out, you must put 2 back in.  Good stash busting theory, let’s hope it works.

Here is my selection:


1. Loop batt, washed ashore. 4 oz.
2. Julie Spins, Amish, 6.1 oz.
3. Fiber Optic, Raspberry to Cream Gradient, 4 oz.
4. Fiber Optic, Dusty Plum to Olive Gradient, 8 oz.
5. River’s Edge, The Monkey’s Uncle, color Maple Leaf, 4 oz.
6. Gales’s Art, Red Red, 4 oz (CTA color)
7. Fiber Optic, Once in a Lifetime color, merino, camel and silk, 4 oz.
8. Western Sky Knits, Poppy, 8 oz.
9. Fiber Optic, Reef Gradient, 8 oz. (CTA color)
10. Gale’s Art, Brave, 4 oz. (CTA color)
11. Shetland tricolor from farmer in Wisconsin, 8 oz.
12. Cashmere from Illinois, to be washed, processed and spun, 10 oz

The Reef Gradient was the first to make it off the list, this was my first gradient purchase and I felt not up to the challenge for quite a while.  The  bright colors are perfect for this house-bound weather.



The fiber seemed a bit compressed, so I ran it across the tea kettle and let the steam open it up.


Notice the difference!