The color of Amish

Sometime last year I purchased this braid of fiber from JulieSpins.  This is one of the braids from my Spin the Bin challenge

Amish Spinning02

Her fiber and sense of color are wonderful, this was very different from what I am usually attracted to, the color was called Amish.  I wasn’t really sure about the name, I work with the Amish, and wondered about using that title.  Then I started to spin it, and it morphed into these lovely muted shades.



It got me thinking about the colors of Amish.  Their quilts have always intrigued me, the dark offsetting the wonderful colors within.

quilts-for-sale_tqc_2 31e50878cca6449d790d60976efc0b43

And I found more inspiration in the traditional clothing, which if not from natural dyes, surely mimics them well.


Berlin PA 6b Amish farm north of town 2010 BlogA fiesta_amish-80-qpr

And Amish scooter colors!


This will be very interesting to ply up.  I think that it will make a gorgeous scarf.  Perhaps appropriate for my husband.  My hope is that it will not muddy out when just doing a 2 ply.  I was tempted to make it a 3 ply to avoid that, but wanted the yardage.