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  • knitting1105 1:02 pm on May 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Happy Memorial Day 

    Not sure of the provenance of this photo, but it is so perfect for this blog.


    Take time on this day off to remember those to whom it is dedicated.

    Thanks Dad.

  • knitting1105 12:25 pm on May 21, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Camellia Dollman Corrections part 2 


    The Camellia Dolman shawl is almost finished.  Unfortunately, there are more corrections to the pattern.  Normally I find that the charts are more accurate than the written directions, which is one of the many reasons that I prefer to use them.  In this book, that does not seem to be the case.

    On rows 153-185, she neglects to put in the decreases on the right that mirror the left side.  Here you can clearly see how it is needed to make the end of the petal.  Also, without it, you would be increasing an extra 18 sts every other row!!!


    Also on row 179, there is no YO in the 3rd stitch from the end, it is just a knit stitch.

    Lastly, I will add a purl back row after the last pattern, and then will bind off loosely from the knit side.  This will give more of a bite to the edge in which to sew together to create the sweater from this circular shawl.  I looking at the photos, that appears to be what they did in the sample.  Hopefully I will get this finished today and wash and block it.   The last 36 rows were quite long as they are the outer edge of the shawl, 35 sts over 18 rays, 630 sts/row!



    • Susan Duralde 10:20 pm on February 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Very helpful comments. Thank you. I’m on row 89……..


      • knitting1105 4:17 pm on March 1, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Great, let me know how yours turns out.


    • Rowena Relf 3:25 pm on July 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I’ve not long had this book and see this is an old article hopefully you still get this. On rows 159, 167, 175 and 183 it says the triangle in black square is a k2tog on first repeat so what do I do on the other repeats?


      • knitting1105 7:54 pm on July 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Give me a couple of days to try and look at the pattern and see if I remember correctly. Have you gotten the corrected chart?


        • Rowena Relf 1:00 am on July 30, 2016 Permalink

          No I don’t think so. I believe this was the first edition from my library. I have corrected and added the SSK you mentioned on rows 153 to 185 and taken the extra YO on row 179. Many thanks.


      • knitting1105 4:02 pm on July 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        I am assuming that you are on Ravelry. Here is the link to my notes there, I hope that it makes sense. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Francoise/camellia-dolman. Too many problems with this pattern….


  • knitting1105 10:05 pm on May 17, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Miss you still… 

    Beautiful video.  Reminds me of having to let Mom go.  How appropriate that it is represented in the fiber arts.  Thanks Jane for showing me this link.

    And thank you Mom for giving me the lifelong gift of fiber and crafting, it has saved me so many times.

    Miss you still…




    • Diane 11:13 pm on May 17, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Good representation of life–I can see how it reminds you of mom.


      • knitting1105 12:00 pm on May 21, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, it was almost like it was made for her.


    • whip1up 6:29 am on May 18, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      that was beautiful


      • knitting1105 11:59 am on May 21, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you. I keep watching it over and over.


  • knitting1105 10:58 am on May 9, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Yup, another shawl 

    Currently I am knitting yet another shawl, but this one is with a twist, the shawl becomes a sweater.  It is from my new favorite book Lovely Knitted Lace by Brooke Nico.


    Slowly I am knitting my way through this book, there are some great twists on lace and how to use it for wearable items.  The sweater shown here on the front, Camellia Dolman, is my newest project, it is basically a circular shawl that is knit back and forth to achieve edges that becomes the button band.





    The Helen’s Lace yarn that I purchased at the Lorna’s Laces warehouse sale is being used.



    This shawl had to be restarted as I did not read carefully and got almost through the first 1/2 of the chart when I realized that I was supposed to just purl back on the even # rows.  UGH!, but I ripped it all back and started over.  It took a long time for my brain to realize why this did not seem to be large enough for the shawl.  The yellow showed how far I was when I ripped back, the green highlighted area is my progress to date.



    Not quite sure about this color for me, although I think that it will look great with white pants and jeans as a summer sweater.


    Progress has been moving along nicely and I realized that the pattern was incorrect in a major way, it asked for 3,000 yards of 2 separate yarns (6,000 in total)…. in reality if you look at the breakdown, it is 1,500 yards of 2 different lace weight yarns, or 3,000 yards total.  This would have made a huge difference in my purchasing as 1,500 yards is a lot cheaper than 3,000 yards!  Now I even think that I could make this again with a handspun gradient, after I see if I like the fit of course.  The other errors in the pattern are that the increases are every 12th row, not every 6th row as stated.  The charts are correct, I am not sure about the written pattern as I do not use them.  Also, she neglects to tell you to bind off, I was wondering if the sweater was made by sewing live edges together, but could not figure out how to block the shawl prior to sewing if that were the case.

    In spite of the lack of proper editing or pattern testing in this book, I love these patterns.  It just would be hard for a new lace knitter to figure out what is wrong without the corrections.

    • peggyandpierre 11:05 am on May 9, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      What a beautiful shawl! I wish I didn’t have so many projects going right now or else I would run out and get everything to make this right now!!
      Definitely love your color choice! That color is so popular right now and will look great during the summer. Even at the beach!


      • knitting1105 11:14 am on May 9, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you! I had not thought of this as a beach sweater, but that would be really fun.


    • Diane 12:25 am on May 10, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      This is so pretty, shawls are like shoes….you can’t have too many! Ask Sofia!


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