Transition Socks

I made these socks for my BIL.

Steves Socks

If you remember, We had a small family gathering and I made knitted items for 8 people.  Steve and Dan got socks.  These were made with Jawool sock yarn, which has proven to be a winner for durability and wear.  My husband has some socks from this yarn that are just now wearing out after over 15 years!  This is a great staple yarn, it also comes with a matching reinforcing thread on the inside.  Great workhorse of a sock yarn.

988_SI started these socks with a 1×1 twisted ribbing for 24 rows in black for the cuff, then when I transitioned to the leg of the sock, I did stockinette.



This would work beautifully with a yarn that transitions colors also.

Steves Socks2

Here is the pattern:

Transition Socks