The Barbara of Bavaria

bs123For Christmas, one of the wonderful gifts that I received from my husband was this trio of books.  He purchased them from Schoolhouse Press which imports them.  Having many many books with knitting designs, and wanting to explore more of my own designing, I have been adding to my collection of pattern books and these were on my wish list.

The title Bauerliches Stricken roughly translates as Farm Country Knitting or Cottage Knitting.  As best as I can tell, they were originally published in 1983, and had been out of print for quite awhile, this reprinted and expanded set is from 2011.  The author, Lisl Fanderl, has been referred to as the Barbara Walker of Bavaria for her cataloguing and publishing these volumes of traditional knitting patterns and designs.


Following is the description from the Schoolhouse Press site:

Bauerliches Stricken 1/2/3

The elusive trio of splendid pattern books by Lisl Fanderl, Bäuerliches Stricken 1, 2 and 3, has just been enhanced and reprinted. Frau Fanderl has been referred to as the Barbara Walker of Bavaria, and, indeed the three books are a treasure trove of patterns collected from Bavarian, Austrian and Swiss museums. Each motif is accompanied by a photographs and a chart.

The new printing has been expanded to include color photographs of jackets, vests, socks, etc. References and folkloristic notes have been added as well to create an essential guidebook and a valuable source of inspiration. In German.

Bäuerliches Stricken 1: Traditional patterns from the alpine region

Bäuerliches Stricken 2: Stockings, jackets and vests made from traditional patterns from museums and privately owned

Bäuerliches Stricken 3: Patterns from townspeople of Bolzano, Innsbruck, Vienna, Laufen, Salzach, Noerdlingen, Eichstaett, as well as from the monestaries of Niederalteich and Frauenchiemsee

Can’t Read a word of it!


But then, that is the beauty of knitting, it is a universal language.  Once you decode the symbols used in the charts, it is all easy from there. And as a bonus this set from Schoolhouse Press comes with a chart symbol translation, so much of the work is done for you.


Beautiful drawings and historical photos are scattered throughout the books.  That alone is worth the trek through the volumes.



Book # 2 has lots of beautiful patterns for socks, and increases for the calf for knee highs included in large addendum sheets conveniently located in a plastic pocket at the back of the book.


The new covers differ greatly from the original volumes.  And apparently, have some added features.  While the price is steep, it makes for a really great knitter’s gift.  And there were some used copies available online also for a better price, also used copies of the original sets, although more expensive than the reprints.

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Now added to my Knitting Library shelf and added to my Ravelry library.  Thanks Honey!