My Family Knows Me 

My family knows me well, and my love of fiber related things.  This year for Christmas I was blessed with this beautiful monogrammed linen project bag, and stitch markers from Ethan and Sayaka.


And from Sofia and Mark, wool ball earrings (last year Sofia gave me little sheep earrings):


And Dan gave me this wonderful book that had been on my list:


You can purchase the book here, directly from the author and get it signed in the process.  I have only just started reading it, but it sits by my bedside, making good night reading in sections.  Here are some reviews on the book by others, excerpted from the actors website above.  I am looking forward to this journey, it will let me have that sheep farm vicariously:

“Barbara Parry offers a beautiful, vivid portrayal of life on a thriving fiber farm. Season by season, she presents a narrative that is dreamy yet concrete, inspiring yet informative, and always unblinkingly honest. A must-read for anyone who wants to better appreciate where their yarn comes from.”
~ Clara Parkes, author of The Yarn Whisperer

“Many of us wool enthusiasts daydream about someday owning a farm, raising sheep, harvesting yarn, and going back to the land. Follow Barbara Parry on a journey that teaches us all ‘about the intangible gains of . . . taking the long road.’”
~ Jared Flood, knitwear designer and owner of Brooklyn Tweed

“Parry’s skillful hand and gentle heart are the perfect blend to capture the joys and heartaches of farming in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains.”
~ Linda Cortright, publisher of Wild Fibers magazine

“In my very first years of sheep farming—and the resulting shearing, spinning, and knitting that goes along with it—I found myself turning each page slowly, not wanting the education and camaraderie to end. But no matter where you find yourself on the spectrum—farmer, spinner, dyer, knitter, or weaver—you are sure to find inspiration, laughter, and joy in the farm tales that Barbara shares.”
~ Amanda Soule, author of The Rhythm of Family

My last fiber related gift to post here is a beautiful collection of rainbow yarns for weaving from my husband.  I lusted over these when I first saw them, and am anxious to figure out the best way to use them.  They are begging for me to learn how to use my Inkle Loom…