Last Fall, we were staying with my brother for a weekend.  I brought along some fingerless mitts that I had made for my niece, and they were a great hit.  Later that weekend, I was working on a scarf for our SnB contribution to the local homeless shelter, Riley asked what I was making, and I told her a scarf.  Without missing a beat, she said “I need scarfiss!”  Yes that was a correct spelling, pronounced scarf-ISS.

Last winter I searched for some fun pink fluffy yarn to make a keyhole scarf with.  I ended up combining some cotton yarn with some soft pink baby wool.  Part way through the project I realized that I was going to run out of yarn, luckily I mentioned it at my SnB knitting group, and one of my fellow knitters came to the rescue with the exact correct yarn.  Here is the finished scarf newly worn by Riley:


And of course, I could not forget her brother!  Orange is his dad’s favorite color, so an orange hat it was:



They are too cute together!