The Best Husband!

I have the best husband ever!!!  Last week I had arranged to have AT&T come to upgrade our internet service, it had gotten very sluggish, and now we both work from home.  (Not sure it is that much better…but).   I was at school all day, and asked Dan if he could wait and meet the technician, my assumption was that he would just plug in a new box and be on his way.  No.  The upgrade required a new line to the house, new service box, and new plug in for the router, and then a new router.  Problem is, the router lives in my knitting room, and was located behind the bookshelf that housed all of my knitting books (well almost all).  Dan had to remove all the books, he carefully laid them out on the floor, with a note indicating which shelf they came from.  Then he labeled the shelves, so that I could put everything back where it came from.

This took him quite some time.  I felt really bad, and apologized for all the books that he had to move.  His statement was “You love knitting, I am glad that you have the things to support your craft.”  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that there were 2 more new books sitting upstairs…

Having the books all out and in piles gave me the opportunity to relocate the books to a different area.  The room had gotten too crowded to work in, it really needed to be twice the size.  So, I stayed up working on the book relocation until after midnight.  Still have a few more things to do, but the room is much more manageable.

Knitting has not been anything too exciting as of late.  I am working on miles and miles of iCord for the shawl that I recently knit.  This is going to take quite awhile.