Knit Your Bit


Recently I was looking through my needles to loan pair of #3 40″ circulars to a friend.  In the process, I went through a stash of knitting needles that I purchased from a friend a couple of years ago.  And, I found these:



This spiked my curiosity, of course I knew about knitting for the war, and socks being a favorite.  I had read the book Knitting America, by my friend Susan Strawn, and in that book she talks extensively about the War knitting efforts.


Researching online, I could not find any examples of these intact needles for sale.  I did, however, find fun graphics, and of course the pattern for the socks that were to be knit with these needles.



There was also a book published in 2012 with WWI and WWII knitting patterns.  I was interested until I saw the resell price of $432!!!

If you are interested in knitting some of the Vintage patterns, this site has some free examples.


And… I also found these cool Vintage needles in my search:  Clover, Susan Bates and Boye.  All will be on display and loved for the history.  The small Clover ones are from Japan, and only 8 1/2″ long, I do not know how you would knit with them, or what they are used for.