What did you do once you knew? 

The events of the past few days have had me reeling.  School has been very tough, as my students are really scared of what will happen.  I have spent hours with them in groups and individually trying to talk things out.  I do not have any answers except that we all need to be connected, be involved and help others whenever and wherever we can. On Wednesday night we went to the Unitarian Church for a reflection time, which was very helpful.

This is a favorite poem of mine, and came to mind.  It is so fitting to share at this time:


And, last night I hosted an impromptu knitting night with friends.  Knitting makes me calm, and I had not had the time to knit, Dan was going to  Jazz band, and I knew that I did not want to be alone.  It was the perfect Fiber Therapy session.  I meant to take some photos!

Now, what will I choose to do?  Definitely something.