Yarn Con 2019

Last Saturday I went to Yarn Con with some friends from my Stitch ’n Bitch group.  The venue had expanded to the first floor which was really nice, and a lot more people were there.  The line to get in was the longest that I had seen it, but it went very quickly.

Here’s what I bought:


Nothing stood out to me at the event, many of the vendors were selling the same things: mini skeins of gradients (the snob that I am likes my hand spun versions better, as the transitions are smoother) and various hand dyed sock yarns in gradients of plays on color.  Last year I was burned with the eye candy that knit up horribly and I was very leery this year.  Very little in the way of lace yarn, there was some on sale if I had brought a plan with me, and even less in the sweater weight section.  I am tending towards purchasing locally sourced and milled fibers these days, and I did not see much that there.  I was happy to look around, but really want to go to a market where it is more than just shawls and socks featured, I realize that is where the market may be, just not for me.

Upon entering, I decided to purchase a dozen raffle tickets to support the event.  Admission is free, and I want to support this effort so that it continues.  My friend Pam, who wins every knitting raffle known to man, was not there so I thought that my chances might be good.

And I won a prize on the first drawing!  Being one of the first winners, I was able to choose from a vast array of items that were donated by the vendors.  I opted for this project bag that you hang on your arm.  It was admittedly one of the few things that tempted me at the sale, so I was happy.

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The bag is from Beautiful Syster, and is called the Heather.  It received the seal of approval from my friend Barb who makes the most beautiful bags.


After YarnCon we all went to another friends house to look at some donated stash yarn that she has.  The money form that was going ot purchase formula for the orphaned kittens at the Animal Shelter in Chicago.  Good cause, and I have some ideas with what to do with some of this yarn.  Common color these for me isn’t it?

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