Kondo-ing my stash

Mid January I found myself home alone while my husband was on a business trip, and it was nasty weather outside.  Marie Kondo is all the rage now, so I binge watched the shows while I cleaned up some of my crafting area.

My yarn had been organized a couple of years back, although it does need some more tyding up.  It works well with the tags at the front of the fabric baskets as I don’t have to pull everything out to find what I am looking for.  In theory.

First I went through all of my fabric. I organized the fabric in a way that I could find it, taking it out of the plastic tubs, and put fiber into the plastic tubs instead of the vacuum bags that it had been stored in.


My new method was to store the fiber at the top of the shelves that hold my yarn bins.  These are the larger groupings of fabric.  A lot of them are batik that I purchased a few years back, holding for a project.

Next, I have these beautiful antique Japanese woven suitcases.  I love them, and they were sitting on the floor as decoration with a couple of items in them.  I decided to use them for my smaller fabric pieces.

I tried to organize by color, and folded them with the fabric standing up so that I can easily see what I have on hand rather than sifting through everything.  Many of these are vintage fabrics that I hope to one day make into a Trip Around the World quilt.

Next I went after my sock drawer.  Incredible how rewarding this was. It is so much easier to find things, and the method of storing socks works especially well for the hand knits as it does not stretch out the tops.


A few weeks later was our Polar Vortex, where I did not leave the house for 3 days.  Instead I continued my organizing.  I took my husband’s hand knit sock drawer apart and reworked it.  Between what he had here and in the wash, he has almost 30 pairs of hand knit socks.  I told him that he wasn’t getting anymore for a while.


I don’t have photos, but then I went through my drawers and then his one by one.  At one point he was getting a bit upset that I was dumping out all of the contents in his drawers. We went through each item and gave away what he would not wear, and organized them according to the Kondo method of folding.


Now he is a convert, loving that he can find everything.  His closet has bugged me for years, and I knew that he would never organize it on his own.  He is wearing clothing that he had forgotten that he had!  And we both know that we do not need anymore socks or underwear.