Weaving Lab Part 2

I returned on June 6th to the Weaving Lab exhibit at Compound Yellow to work on the installation of weaving to music.


The interactive weaving exercise took an hour, and it was on an 8-shaft Wolf Pup loom.  I did have some difficulties at first with the pedals being so close to the edge and the amount of pressure that it took to push down on them.


Here are the General Instructions.  All of the pedals were marked, and I needed to check them as I worked.  The shuttle pattern was given that I followed.


Here are some samples of my weaving.  I felt that I did fairly well for my first time on a shaft loom.  I am sure that a weaver with experience would have found this rudimentary.  You were supposed to switch when the music changed.  I had trouble with the sound transition at the second point and moved to the end a bit too soon.  The last set of music was birds in the wild, I loved it and found it so relaxing.

During the nature portion of the music, I repeated the diamond pattern, but used one row with black weft, and the next with white.  It gave an interesting pattern. apologies for the blurry images from my antique phone.


Again, I need to encourage anyone locally to go to the event.  It closes this weekend, and then is off to Europe.  There is also a galley exhibit with Marianne Fairbank’s beautiful weavings.  Here is just a tease.