Chicken #2

The second pair of Chicken Socks is finished. This time, Dark Cornish Rooster. I do seem to be attracted to the Roosters, I think that they have more vibrant colors.


This was a highly variegated yarn, and therefore also needed a pattern to compliment that. Hence the Monkey Socks by Cookie A yet again. I cannot count how many times I have knit this pattern.

The sock knit up nicely, I opted to change the heel and cuff colors and do a striped toe.

One thing that was written in the original Monkey pattern, was after you have finished the heel and picked up the sides for the gusset, on the next row do a twisted stitch to firm that pick-up. I had glossed over that part on my first few Monkey socks, but when I tried it, I really liked the effect. Every sock that I make with a heel gusset now has this technique. If you look closely, it is visible in this photo.