I need to catch up on my Adventing. I continue to surprise myself with what I put into the Advent re-used box.

Day 5

And the Advent self-striping socks from Cozy Knitter. This is absolutely the best Advent item. It is a very busy time of the year for me, and I can always find the time to knit 4 rows on the 2 pairs of socks. By Christmas, I will have a pair of socks to gift out. As a bonus, this yarn will make 2 pair of Advent socks. I still have the remainder from last year to knit up.

Day 6

Yummy caramels

Day 7

Needle point guards, and more beautiful mini-skeins.

Day 8

One of many Coco Knits products, stitch markers. And the Moonglow rainbow continues.