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  • knitting1105 1:46 pm on August 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Tudor Roses Comparison 

    About 18 months ago I wrote a review of the new Tudor Roses vs the original Tudor Roses, both by Alice Starmore.  In that review, I commented that I was happy to have both versions, for the color changes, and new shaping of the newest version (2013),


    and the patterns for men in the original version (1998).


    A question was recently posed on that blog entry by Christina, of whether I would say that only the new version was needed.  This prompted me to do a comparison of patterns, and to note which ones were in each book, and any changes.

    Looking through and comparing these books has piqued my interest in knitting up one of the patterns, and I must say that it will  probably be from the newer book, as the shaping is more contemporary there, and more to my liking.  There are a couple of sweaters that appear in both books that really appeal to me also.  I enjoy seeing the ones that were reknit being done in a new colorway.  My comparison of the 2 books follows, a simple chart:


    So my answer to Christina who posed the question, would be that I am happy that I own both books.  If your desire is to have a complete knitting library, and you love color work and more complicated patterns, then Yes to owning both books.  And starting at $20 for the older version on Amazon, I do think that it is worth the investment.

    As a side note, thanks in large part to Ravelry, many knitting books that are out of print have become very pricey, although that changes as books are reissued.  I have a wonderful library that I have amassed over the years, and keep telling my family that if something happens to me, my knitting books are worth more than my Architecture books!  And that statement says a lot, as that is also a wonderful collection.

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    2 Roses 

    Tudor Roses, I have both.  The first by Alice Starmore  (1998) has become an icon in the knitting book world, and commanding many times over the original $24 price tag.  I have yet to knit anything from this, although it is definitely on my upcoming list to knit a Starmore sweater.  All of the sweaters  were inspired by members of the Tudor Dynasty, each comes with a brief bio of the person, and the necessary charts, etc for those who wish to actually knit them up rather than just drooling through the pages.


    A couple of selections from the original book:



    So when a new version of this book was issued (2013), I was not sure that it was necessary. How wrong could I be.  This was an early Christmas present to myself, and well worth the current price of about $27 (list is $40).  As described in the review: Part fashion, part photography, part English history, and all knitting.  There are a few new patterns, and many reknit in a different color way, so they look totally different.  Most important is the quality of this book, it is a lovely cloth covered hardcover, and has the look and feel of a beautiful coffee table book.


    All of the photography is totally new, not set in scenes, but rather studio shots.  Each sweater is on a different model, ones that Starmore chose to reflect her vision of the woman for whom the sweater is thus named.  There are a few new patterns not found in the original book, at the expense of the Tudor men. Katherine was a color change, whereas Anne got a whole new look.



    Here are some side by side comparisons of an original pattern to the new. The subtle color differences of the blue version here are more appealing to me.


    The accessories in this book are really interesting, made specifically for the book.


    No men in the new version, for that you need to look for the original.



    A new version of Aran Knitting was also published recently, but I think that it is a Dover edition.  Still, are there patterns there that I would need?  How many duplicate book copies are truly necessary?!!!



    • LaurenS 8:40 pm on January 2, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I’m really disappointed in the new version. I thought they would be reprinting the old one.


      • knitting1105 12:24 pm on January 3, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Sorry that you don’t like the new one. Many of the patterns were repeated. Having both, if I had to choose one, it would be the new version. It is so beautiful, and the colors are more contemporary. Maybe you can watch for the old one to surface at a good price.


      • Christina 1:20 am on August 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        So I don’t need the first copy is I get the copy of 2013, right? The 2013 have all of the patterns from the first book and some plus patterns? I’m not sure if I should hunt them bought 🙂


        • knitting1105 1:11 pm on August 8, 2015 Permalink

          Your comment got me to pulling out both books and thinking. Will be doing a blog post about this.


  • knitting1105 1:45 pm on February 23, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Fickle me 

    After my frustrations yesterday with my Rose sweater (Forget me Not), I went to my yarn closet.  I have wanted to make this baby Dale sweater for years, just never had a baby to knit for.  I thought, now why should that stop me.  My friend Linda is always knitting for future grandchildren, and babies to be named at a later date.  So, while I mull over the thought of whether to finish the Rose sweater, or just rip it out, I thought that I needed a fun and easy project.  One that I could take to my knitting group.  I do have the cable sweater to finish, but that is no longer in the travel phase.  Since it is knit up all in one piece, it is getting rather bulky.  Just the last sleeve to finish on that one.

    Here is the yarn selection for the Ladybug sweater.  It calls for 2 skeins of orange, I hope that I have enough with one.  I would think so, but…  I am making the 24 months size.  All this effort for a sweater should be for a kid who can stand up wearing it and get some good use out of it.



    On another note, I emailed the creator of the Rose sweater, Jojoland (and yarn importer for it), and she tried to tell me that it was the same as her sweater (clearly not, her roses are shades of red and purple, mine are the entire rainbow).  Very annoying, makes me not want to purchase any more of her yarn.

    Also, playing with a new blog layout.  I need a change, and originally wanted something that evoked spring.  I think that I will try out differnent styles for a few times.  The one problem with this one is that I loose my subtitle:  Blogging after Blogging was Cool-—thanks to my blog creator for that one!

  • knitting1105 4:08 pm on February 22, 2009 Permalink | Reply  


    Well,  I have been working on the front of my Forget me Not sweater.  I look back at posts, and most of them relating to this sweater are frustration related to my own knitting snafus or not reading directions thoroughly.   The directions are a bit difficult to follow, as the author is Chinese, and the translations are not as clear as should be.   I do love the yarn, and am even getting into the rhythm of following the fair isle pattern on the purl side.  My problem is that the colors are not really the same as the model, and they tend to disappear in the pattern, then reappear again.  Will I like this as a finished project?  I am not sure.  When the colorways come close to matching, it is very difficult to work the pattern, especially on the reverse side.  I emailed the owner of Jojoland, and inquired whether I recieved an incorrect ball for the color work.  The roses are suppose to be red and purple, and instead follow through the enitre rainbow.  This in itself is beautiful, but not when trying to do the pattern.  Her response was that I should break the yarn and change the background/foreground colors.  No offer of extra yarn to do this….  this makes me want to put this away and not finish it at this point in time.  I don’t like the frustration.  Here is the photo of the front so far:


    • the Lady 3:26 am on March 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Ooh, that would make me really mad about the yarn! Did you e-mail her a picture of your sweater vs. the sweater picture? That might help. And explain that the yarn kit is only supposed to be red and purple, not rainbow, and that clearly a mistake was made?


  • knitting1105 4:59 pm on July 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Farosese shawls 

    This is a photo of a shawl that I finally finished this past winter. I bought the yarn while in Colorado 4 years earlier. I love making these shawls, as they are quick to make, easy to remember the pattern, and there is no finishing or worrying about the fit. Well, my word of caution is to always purchase more yarn than you need, especially when it is out-of-state, discontinued yarn. I was short by about 1/4 skein. And so it sat. I looked at yarn stores, and online (even ordered twice from eBay thinking that I had found it), but nothing. So, I took out the favored (by me) lace cast-off, and did a few rows of seed stitch, and had enough yarn. At the time of purchase, I was reluctant to buy an extra skein or 2, as it was 40% off in groups of 10, and full-price otherwise. I do prefer to knit these shawls with either cone yarn, or thin lace yarn that is in long lengths without a join. There were a lot of ends to finish in. With this yarn when I was joining a new skein, I knit 3 or 4 stitches with 2 plys of the old skein and 2 plys of the new skein. This makes it almost impossible for the yarn to unravel. Then I wove each of the ends in place. It was a bit more weaving in, as I had 4 ends at each join instead of the normal 2 (and they were not woven together as they naturally were going in opposite directions). I think that it works well.

    The Lana d’oro yarn used is not my favorite. Still seems a bit scratchy even after a washing. I am not sure who I will give this to yet. Photographing it makes me want to start another one. My daughter is the model, after coming home from the Day Camp that she works at. She specifically told me not to photograph her head. I think that it was because some of the campers had been “styling” her hair.

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