I am an avid knitter, having been knitting since I was 7 years old. I keep trying to use up my stash but purchase for that ever exciting new project before all past ones are finished. I am an Architect, and I have a small business locally designing kitchens and residential work. I have 2 kids, a wonderful hubby, two cuddly kittens (Ella and Louie), and the world’s best dog—a poodle named Lloyd.

My mother taught me how to knit, and she was of German heritage and left handed, myself being right handed. I learned therefore to knit by picking, in what I have since found out is a very unique style. (She also taught me to tie my shoes, and that was a disaster that I have never been able to overcome). I can pick both knitting and purling, and can purl as fast as I knit. At Stitches Midwest one year I was the 2nd fastest. Would have been first if it were not for the metal needles, acrylic yarn, and the no purling. That’s my big claim to fame.

As a kid, my mother set me up with a business to knit Barbie doll clothes and sell them at a craft cooperative. It kept me busy during the years when I was having surgeries, and unable to go to school, and gave me spending money that I used to buy a horse. I have never given up knitting, and am happy that it is now “cool” as that gives me more shops and friends. I remember knitting at the long hours at the ice rink a few years ago with my kids, and getting many rude comments from other moms. I think that I now see many of them with needles knitting fun fur scarves for themselves!


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