Weaving Lab 

School finally finished a couple of weeks ago, and I am catching up on posts.   this semester seemed especially busy.  Not sure why.  My last post involved Compound Yellow, as does this one coincidentally.

This past Sunday, there was a grand opening for Weaving Lab in the 2nd floor studio space at Compound Yellow.  Marianne Fairbanks brought many different types of looms that could be tried out, examples of weaving and books to peruse.  In addition there were 2 exhibits that opened in the 1st floor area, and several sample projects displayed throughout the studio.  I encourage anyone local to plan to make it to the space in the next couple of weeks and sample the looms.  I have posted the information from compound Yellow’s website with the gallery hours.


I tried out a few of the looms, and am going back for a “Weaving Sounds” loom project soon that involves weaving to the tune of music (sign up for a 1 hour time slot).   I wove the few alternating rows on the photo below of brown and dark gray.  This will be converted into a pillow at some point.


This loom from the 50’s with a steering wheel was most unique and fun to try.


And before I left, she had these little weaving cards, or pocket looms as she calls them, that were made on a laser cutter, and everyone could try a little sampler.  the cut-out even acts as the stand!



I just started mine, I will post my finished object later.  Some were veery creative, using paper and other items.


Now I am so excited to start a weaving class.

The next stop for this exhibit is Norway so see it here while you can!



Opening reception: Sunday, June 2, 1:00-4:00pm

Weaving Lab invites the public to participate in the process of weaving, speculation and conversation.  Weaving tutorials are combined with conceptual inquiries into domains of rhythm, math systems, meditation, and materiality.  Weaving Lab both explores and subverts each of these associations, hovering between process and speculation, theory and making, and providing questions and experiences so that each participant can draw their own conclusions. The project works to extend access to weaving so that we might invent new ideas about textiles, community, and making .

 Whether you can stay for five minutes or one hour, we hope that you can come join us to weave, connect, and explore. More info at weavinglab.com.

Week 1:

June 3-          Monday 10-5
June 4-          Tuesday 10-5
June 5-          Wednesday 11-7
June 6-          Thursday 11-7
June 7-          Friday 10-5
June 8-          Saturday 10-5
June 9-          Sunday 12-5

Week 2:

June 10-        Monday 10-5
June 11-        Tuesday 10-5
June 12-        Wednesday 11-7
June 13-        Thursday 11-7
June 14-        Friday 10-5
June 15-        Saturday 10-5

3:30-5PM SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 2019