It all started here… 

When I was about 11 or 12, my mother started buying issues of Family Circle when they had Barbie Doll patterns in them.  There were 2 series of 3 that we found.  I enjoyed making these clothes.  Prior to these projects, I remember knitting slippers for a lot of my family members, and crocheting afghans and ponchos.

During most of Jr. High and part of High School, I was home having surgery on my legs.  My school work took all of about an hour each day, and I spent the rest of the time knitting with the woman who babysat my younger siblings.  My mother was looking for things to keep me busy (I sat for months at a time with a full leg cast on), and since I couldn’t babysit to earn money, she bought me a share in a craft cooperative (which I still own a part of), and set me up to display and sell my Barbie clothes.  I was up in the attic the other day looking for some ribbon, and found the bag with these in it.  These are some of the original creations (a bit worse for wear from the ages).  I made everything from the magazines for my daughter when she started playing with Barbies, and I need to go up and see if I can find those.  But, for  now, here was where my original, and never faltering, love for knitting really started.  Mind you, these clothes are not the tubes that Nicki Epstein knit in her book, that you simply stretch over Barbie, these are knitted to fit, on size 0 and 1 with baby yarns.


A ball gown..


Tennis outfits…