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  • knitting1105 3:23 pm on March 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Lace yarn 

    This beautiful natural merino lace from Habu Textiles was in the order that I received earlier this week.  I need a new shawl, and have been looking at one’s in Nancy Bush’s Lace Knitting from Estonia.

    Looks like Spring is near.  It keeps flirting with us, and the last 2 days have been cold, windy and generally yucky.  The sun is out today, and it is suppose to be a beautiful day tomorrow.  I can’t wait to be able to sit on the enclosed front porch again and knit, read, relax.  I always feel like my house has gotten bigger when the weather gets nice.

    I went to IKEA (I know, I know, but I needed something cheap) today to get some shelving units for the basement.  I don’t want to put a lot of money there at this point in time, but need to clean up the space and simplify everything.  At the moment, most of the things are rejects from the first floor.  Some are very nice, but cohesiveness is lacking.  Now that most of the main level is complete, I need to focus down there.  Not to mention the fact that with the TV in the family room being the only one that we connected to cable (finally got it after all these years), we are down there much more.  It has been bothering me since.  I chose the Expedit cabinets, and think that I will have my carpenter build recessed bases for them when he is doing other work this spring.  That will give them a built-in look.

    They will be placed on their sides, and the wall color will be visible at the back.  I brought 2 home with me, and almost had to return the second, as they did not fit easily into my car.  I will post photos later of how they worked out.

    • Mrs. Peterson 5:08 pm on March 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Ha ha! We’ve won you over to the dark side!!!


      • knitting1105 8:02 pm on March 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        It was my designer “Andre” who convinced me of this. The shopping experience was a bit of a culture shock. Will put them together this weekend, and then I will see…

        But, isn’t my lace wool yarn nice?


        • MrsPeterson 8:24 pm on March 26, 2010 Permalink

          Andre should run for office. If he can get you into IKEA, he can talk anybody into anything.

          The lace wool looks as lovely as clean and lovely as those nice scandinavian bookcases. Hopefully it will prove as sturdy! 😉


  • knitting1105 9:17 pm on August 3, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Lizards are finished 

    The lizard socks are both now finished.  I just need to embroider the toes on them.  I photographed them, and put them in the sink to be washed and blocked.  While I think that they turned out very well, I am less than happy with the variegated yarn that I bought.  I think that I am going to search out hand painted solids that I could have in a multitude of colors.  My European friends have access to Woolmeise, which looks like a truly amazing hand dyed yarn.  Someone has to do this here that I would like.  I have a a couple of options in mind, then I just want to purchase volumes of different colors from the same person so that I do not have the issue of weight differences.



    I made most of the second pair while my husband drove us to and from Milwaukee to see a special exhibit.  A retrospective on Charles Rohlfs, a furniture designer from Buffalo, New York in the early 1900’s;  and 8 early American masters, many practicing in versions of impressionism.  It was truly a wonderful exhibition, and I would highly reccomend it to anyone.  It is there for 2 more weeks.


    • Jane Prater 11:20 am on August 10, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      These are just stunning. The color choice was wonderful and the photography is great. Now, can you chart the design on that magnificent chair?


  • knitting1105 9:00 pm on July 1, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Not knitting, but still cool 

    I bought this wall sconce on a recent trip to SF.  One of my favorite custom lighting stores, Metro Lighting (www.metrolighting.com) was having a special art opening for these artists, and I got the email when I was in town, and we were going to Berkeley that evening.  It was providence indeed.  


    The light is a handmade paper shade.  This is the bird of paradise.  The company is called HiiH, a husband/wife team.  He is from Vietnam, and the Asian influence shows in his work.  I fell in love with this light fixture, and bought it on the spot.  Check out their website at http://www.hiihgallery.com.   And here is the fixture with the light on:


  • knitting1105 11:17 am on June 11, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Marilyn’s socks 

    I finished up the socks for my sister the day that she had surgery.  Marilyn was one of the oldest kids in our family, and she was like a mother to Jill who was the youngest.  So, I thought it only fitting that these socks go to Jill.  She loves them, although being wool, they are not really appropriate for the summer SF weather.  I love how the Monkey sock pattern worked up with this highly variegated yarn.  They remind me of the colors of the ocean.  



    Continuing to work on the Hanne Falkenberg Butterfly jacket.  It is a bit of a slow go.  240 stitches per row on size 2.  The deceiving part is that it is compressed right now, and will relax when washed up.  

    Went to Berkeley the other day with my sister.  Saw the Chapel of the Chimes by Julia Morgan, a wonderful Chapel devoted to creamation.  An amazing unfolding of small spaces.  Hard to describe, and these photos don’t really show the interior private spaces where there is room after room of walls filled with vessels.  Looked like an old gothic library at first sight.



    Then we tried to go into Bernard Maybeck Church in Berkeley, but it was locked up.  I will have to return to Oakland/Berkeley in the future and tour the Maybeck and Morgan edifices more thoroughly.  


    • theLady 2:40 am on June 12, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Oh hey! If you come back to Berkeley, you need to check out Lacis on Adeline at Ashby, if you haven’t already been. Are you back home yet?
      Also, I would venture to say that those socks are appropriate even now – at least here in the East Bay we’ve had heavy duty June Gloom, I’ve been wearing wool myself.

      Did you get to hit up some yarn shops in the East Bay? We’ve got a lot if you’d like a list. 🙂


    • theLady 2:42 am on June 12, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      PS – nice socks! Those went quickly!


  • knitting1105 9:54 am on June 2, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Green Cleaning 

    I found this on a blog (Apartment Therapy) that I have been subscribing to.  Most of these things we have done for years, but I loved the completeness of this post.  Not to mention the great retro graphics.


    It can seem hard to be green when you live in an apartment in a big city. Particularly if you live modestly and don’t drive a car everyday, you can come to feel that your environmental footprint is pretty small. But there a many little things that make a difference, and I’ve come to think of being green as more of a lifestyle shift than a simple purchasing shift. As much as the stuff, it’s the thinking that counts.

    One small thinking and purchasing change we’ve made over the years is to replace all of our cleaning supplies (liquids and powders) with natural and non-toxic products. These things get used daily, going down the drain A LOT, and it’s been great to get off this toxic bandwagon.

    Here’s a list of what we use, plus a good roundup of recommended posts from our sites. What’s your lineup? Email me and I’ll add it to the post tomorrow – maxwell@apartmenttherapy.com (LINEUP in the subject).

    Our Lineup:

    Dishes – Caldrea Lavender Pine Dish Soap

    Laundry – 7th Generation

    Dishwasher – Ecover

    Glass – 7th Generation

    General Cleaner – Mrs. Meyers

    Toilet – 7th Generation

    Bath & Tile Scrubbing – Bon Ami

    Whitening – OXO Brite Non-Chlorine Bleach

    Also – Vinegar & Water


    Green Cleaning Roundups:

    Best Products: Gentler, Less Toxic Household Cleaners

    Best Products: Strong Household Cleaners

    9 Nontoxic Cleaners in Your Pantry

    Which Eco Cleansers Work? by Armin Brott

    Best Natural Toilet Cleaners

    A Compendium of All-Natural Cleaning Tips from Real Simple

    Olive Oil Shoe Polish and Other Safer Cleaning Alternatives

    Green Roundup: Best Green Cleaning Solutions


    Green Cleaning How To’s:


    How to: make a non-toxic bathtub cleaner

    Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

    How To: Make Your Own Cleaning Wipes

    How To: Clean Your Windows

    How To: Motivate Yourself to Clean

    How To: Clean Glue or Tape Residue from Glass

    The 12 Best Household Uses for Vodka (Not including Martinis)

    How To: Remove Stains from Wool Rugs


    Green Cleaning Proucts:

    Method’s Le Scrub and Li’l Bowl Blu

    Zerorez Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning

    Natural Cleaning with Zamuta Soapnuts

    Aromalogics Natural Cleaning Products

    J.R. Watkins Natural Home Care

    Melaleuca: Eco Cleaning Products

    Green Works Cleaners by Clorox

    Natural Flax Dryer Sheet Alternative

  • knitting1105 11:14 am on May 7, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Looks are important 

    Looks are important to me, at least in my living and working environment.  I hazard to guess that they would be considered important to most people, they just don’t always succeed in making it happen.  Take for example my neighbor across the street.  They have been trying to sell a run down 2 bedroom (no, you can’t call a converted porch on no foundation a bedroom) house for 3 years.  During the overheated market, they got greedy  and listed the house for much more than it was worth.  The price has been dropped a few times, but not enough for the fixer-upper that it is, and not really addressing why it is not selling (hint, the interior).  So, in yet another effort to sell it, they have taken an okay looking exterior of white with Swedish blue trim, and painted it flesh tone, with taupe trim, and it looks like there might be some blue accents.  My major problem is that it is directly across the street, I have to look at it out my front windows, and I am sure nobody will correct the paint job for years.  This makes 3 houses in a row that need visual rescue.

    For my own house, I have added a new side table next to my favorite knitting chair.  This is an antique English sewing side table.  It sat at the antique dealers for months, as people were intrigued by it, but not sure how to use it.  Knitting of course!  It is prefect with it’s little compartments for all of the knitting tools to be stored.  And the center part holds a shawl project, or a pair of socks on the needles.  My good fortune that no other knitters saw this table while I was debating the purchase.


















  • knitting1105 2:22 pm on June 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    House walk 

    On Saturday, our home was part of a local house walk in the neighborhood featuring small, well-designed spaces. I have spent the last month getting the house ready, and yes my knitting has suffered terribly. We re-created the paneling in the Dining Room specifically for this walk, and it turned out beautiful. I had replicas made of the original columns that separated the Dining room and Living room, and pieced together what the 1/2 high dividing wall would have been. The originals had been stored in the attic, and I sent them off to be matched. There was too much repair to do to them, and the top was missing on one of them. I did, however, keep the original ones, and put them back in the attic. We put lights on top of the columns, and I did my best to guess what they would have looked like. This is a photo of the room as it was staged for the walk.

    As part of the staging, I took down photos of the kids that lined the plate rail, and replaced them with copper plates and accessories.  You would have thought that I had kicked them out of the house, and disinherited them.  They were very sensitive to their imprint being removed, if only for 2 days.  I really got it when I moved the ceramic faces from the kitchen, which I quickly told my daughter were being put above the bathroom door.  They don’t seem to like change, especially Ethan.

    Jayne Thompson, wife of former long-time Governor Jim Thompson, grew up in my house.  A friend had suggested inviting them to the walk, but I had not idea how to reach them.  When I mentioned it to my house captain a week prior to the walk, she said that she used to work for Gov. Thompson, and had a friend who worked with Jayne’s firm currently.  Well, she was able to contact Jayne, and she came with Gov. Thompson and her daughter.  We were here to meet them, and she spent about an hour in the house.  Jayne is planning to come back next month when her sister is in town.  She said that it had been 26 years since she was in the house.  The one room that had not changed was the bathroom (except for the new low-flow toilet).  She found the workbench in the basement that her father had made, along with the same pencil sharpener.  The wonderful magnolia tree that we love so much, was planted by her father when she was a child.  I told her about our annual magnolia party.  All of the “improvements” that we have made to restore the house apparently predated their tenure.  She did remember all of the lovely art glass, and said that her mother always just wanted to rip out all of the wood.  It got painted, but thankfully most of it was saved.  It will be great to have time without all of the other people touring the house to really ask questions about what the neighborhood was like, etc.

    Here is the wonderful poster/graphic that Andrew created for the walk.  It was very well attended, and people sincerely enjoyed the event.  I hope that they raised a good amount of money for the Day Nursery.

  • knitting1105 7:28 pm on June 19, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    I’m tired 

    I have not even had a chance to catch my breath in the past month, let alone write much on this blog, or worse yet—no knitting time.  We went through 2 graduations, a graduation party (with 3 out-of-town guests who saved the day in preparations, especially my long-time dear friend Judy—thanks a million), and now I am preparing our house for a local house-walk featuring small scale houses designed well.  (www.southeaststyle.net).

    The last of the contractors left yesterday, and my neighbor and good friend, I mean great friend, Theresa has been helping me to clean.  In preparation for the walk, we replicated the dining room paneling, columns between the living room and dining room, and the lights on top of them.  It is absolutely stunning.  The room looks like a picture in a magazine.  This was a project that I had long dreamed about, the original columns had been put in the attic, and I would bring them down periodically to set them in place and dream.  Without the walk as an inspiration, I would not have done this for awhile.  Now I just have to pay for it….

    Oh, and did I forget to mention that my daughter took the basement bedroom where I had most of my clothes, and all of my knitting books, and a lot of knitting projects.  We had to move them all up to her old bedroom.  Both she and my husband were shocked by the amount of knitting books that I had.  I had to admit that I was too.  Perhaps I need to cull some of the lesser quality titles.  We’ll see.

    I did finish the STR socks that I was working on,  I will post a photo when I have a chance.

    And did I mention that my mother turns 80 next week and we are going to Michigan for a surprise party.  I am looking forward to July and just resting for the rest of the summer.

    • Miss 376 8:43 pm on June 19, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      It always amazes me when I move, how much craft stuff I have. Keep promising myself I am going to work my way through it


    • MrsPeterson 5:03 pm on June 20, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I can’t wait to see the finished product! I’m so excited about the housewalk, and looking forward to just hanging out for an afternoon sometime in July.


    • Ann From The Pseudonym Web Blog 3:28 pm on June 22, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Hi, I randomly stumbled upon your blog, and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it.


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