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  • knitting1105 8:54 pm on November 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Growing up, ice cream was always a treat.  Wonderful homemade ice cream that my mother cooked on a stovetop with eggs and cream, which then me and my siblings would take turns hand churning on the patio.  After the ice cream was finished and taken inside, we had timed contests to see who could stand the longest barefoot in the icy cold water of the ice cream freezer. That was the best ice cream that I have ever had, ever will.


    My Paternal Grandfather was a big gentle giant (to the grandkids at least).  Every Sunday, he would drive over in the pickup truck with my diminutive, sweetest woman ever, Grandmother.  We would run out to greet Grandpa, and there were a lot of us, to jump up in his arms, and reach in his shirt pocket for the pack of Juicy Fruit gum that he always came with.  Growing up in a large family, 10 children, on a farm and limited resources, the treats were few and far between.  But, I think that if you ever ask any one of my siblings, we consider our childhood to be full of riches.  And, we had our own baseball team in the side yard!  Every Sunday, Grandpa also brought a gallon of Vanilla ice cream to have after dinner.  Perhaps one of my siblings can remember the brand name of the ice cream, it escapes me now.

    ice cream

    So, other ice cream flavors were always a treat.  When the large Meijer Thrifty Acres opened in Lansing 20+ miles away, my parents would trek there each week to load up on provisions (this was also where my mother bought my first yarn for projects for me).  Two children at a time were allowed to come along, a younger one and an older one to watch them.  How we waited for our turn to go shopping, as it meant penny horse rides,


    and most importantly, as our parents were checking out, money to go and get a single scoop of ice cream at the Meijer’s ice cream parlor, the only one many of us went to for years.  The Purple Cow poem hung above the large selection of flavors to choose from, and this poem still frequently pops in my head.  This was a huge treat for us.  I remember loving the gumball flavor as I was attracted to the swirl of colors, but it was always a tough choice.


    At home, the ice cream luxury, when something other than vanilla was proffered, was Neapolitan.  Putting that ice cream scoop into the box and getting a swirl of flavors was magical (although admittedly, I always tried to maximize my chocolate portions).


    So, when I saw this yarn, which has been in my stash for a very long time, memories immediately came flooding back.


    This is a self striping yarn, that was all the rage a few years back.  At one point I even tried to sell it.  I believe that it was purchased at a yarn store closing event, years ago.   In my effort to knit from stash, this was pulled out, and I knew what it needed to become!:

    This is now my favorite cheating treat:


    • Diane F Hamilton 10:02 pm on November 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Very special and loving memories. I do remember Mom occasionally taking more than 2 kids (maybe it was at Christmas time). I have always said we were much richer than others who had money. Thanks.

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    Stash Busting 1 


    I have a desire to reduce my stash significantly.  My purchases the past few years have been minimal, and I am trying to knit a couple of things from stash before purchasing anything new.  This sock yarn was bought years ago at a store closing event.  I have since decided that i do not like the self patterning sock yarns (Faux Isle), and had this and one other skein sitting.  When I knit this up however, I was pleasantly surprised that the pattern was not overpowering, the ones trying to mimic fair isle are not for me.


    When these yarns first came out they were all the rage.  I succumbed to some of the enthusiasm of others, but really prefer to make my own fair isle socks, of just use a really cool hand dyed sock yarn.

    IMG_2422A contrasting heel and toe (with reinforcing thread) make these fun socks.  They were gifted to my husband the other day, who wore them right away and came home from a trip telling me how much he loved them.  I love him!


    • Gracey 8:21 pm on April 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t stash bust…Those are great socks…I love self striping socks…but I do have some Carlos and Arne that I am not in love with….


  • knitting1105 3:22 pm on January 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Pussy socks, Women's March on DC, YinYang Kitty Ankle Socks   

    Pussyfooting Along 

    Last weekend when Sofia and Dan went to the Women’s March in DC, I sent along these socks for Sofia.


    I love how they came out although the brown cat face on the pink cat seems to read better.


    I really want to make a pair of these for myself.  Easy knit, what surprised me was how tedious the duplicate stitch was on these.  I knit them with my favorite sock yarn JaWoll (which also has a spool of reinforcing thread inside each skein), on size 1 needles.  This is a free pattern, YinYang Kitty Ankle Socks.


  • knitting1105 3:46 pm on October 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Lorna's Laces, Rainbow colors, , Variegated Yarn   

    Coming up for Air 

    This has been a rough 6 weeks.  2 weddings at our house, house guests during that time, school started with huge new responsibilities for me, and 2 other weddings to attend.   I have been exhausted.  Knitting, and blogging have taken a real back seat.

    The easiest thing to knit during these times is socks, as the pattern is ingrained in my head, and they are easy to pick up at any time, and very portable (for those out-of-town weddings).  These socks are knit with some rainbow yarn that I purchased a couple of years ago at Lorna’s Laces mill ends sale.  I really love the colors.


    As is often the case with variegated yarns, I like the skein better than the knitted project.  The larger blocks of color appeal to me, and they tend not to get as muddied out.  That said, this skein knit up better than most, in my opinion.  There was some pooling of 2 colors on the rounds that tended to swirl around the leg of the sock.


    When I got to the heel and the toe, that swirling ceased.  It is this part of the sock that I like the best.  The colors really jump out, and it feels much more like the skein looked.


    And, in all it’s entirety…  Waiting to decide where the new home will be.



    • Handmade by C. Anne 5:47 pm on October 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Pretty colors in the yarn. Nice socks!


    • Diane Hamilton 9:44 pm on October 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      So interesting on how socks turn out from what the skein looks like. Enjoyed both of your weddings and spending time with you. Hope things slow down soon.


    • salpal1 9:47 am on October 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I have the same trouble with that kind of yarn – it never looks like I think it will(or wish it would) but I keep trying because the skeins are just so lovely! However, I think that your socks look great, because those colors look good no matter how they play out.


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    Glad to be finished 

    This pair of socks seemed ot have taken forever to knit, I am thinking because I was not enjoying the yarn.  The yarn is one of the things that I won at YarnCon.  It is Mrs. Crosby Satchel yarn, color Northern Parula.


    The yarn is a single ply, and I found it not to be a pleasure to knit with.  The single ply would split occasionally while I was working with it, and there were places in the yarn where it got quite a bit bulkier, a thick and thin type of yarn, although not throughout the skein.  This color would not be a choice of mine, and I am pessimistic on how the socks will hold up.


    The pattern is a simple twisted rib, and then I used some workhorse sock yarn for the heels and toes.



    These will be gifted to my husband, and I will watch carefully how they wear.


    Now to decide my next socks, always love to have a pair on the needles, as it is a great travel project.


    • Diane F Hamilton 5:02 pm on July 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I hope Dan “wears” them well.


  • knitting1105 10:19 am on May 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply

    Sock Vortex 

    The other day it was intimated that all I knit were socks.  Well, reading tis post, one might think that is the truth.  The reality is that they are very portable, which works great for taking in the car, to knitting night or the poolside in the summer.  And yeah, I do knit a lot of socks.

    These are called Sorority Sisters.  My Junior Year of college at the University of Michigan, I lived in a women’s co-op owned by the Women’s Alumni Association, Henderson House. It was there that I made a few great lifelong friends.  The house was situated on Hill Street smack dab in the midst of Sorority and Fraternity row.  We were the polar opposites of those houses.  I remember that the women who came out of the sororities all dressed exactly the same, and the favorite colors were pink and lime green (is that still true?).  We swore that there was only one closet in each of the houses, with a few different sizes, and everyone reached into the same wardrobe.  I really thought that the pink/green color combination was atrocious, and still do.  Somehow I ended up with this variegated yarn in my stash, it must have been gifted, as I do not see how I would have purchased it.  And, immediately, those days on Hill Street came to mind, I knew that I had to elaborate on that pink and green.  I changed out the heels and toes to give it a bit of flair.

    And I am working on the afterthought heels for this pair of striped socks.  The yarn is from Vesper Sock company, and it is a pleasure to knit with.  The stripes work out nice and even, so I did not want to work my traditional slip stitch heel.  Hence, the Thought-out Afterthought Heel, and I needed to refer back to my blog post where I originally discussed how to make this, as it is only the second time that I have done an afterthought heel.



    Now, I am thinking that I will employ this technique more often, as it really makes the sock fit nicely.  My husband particularly likes the socks that I made in the above referenced post, as he has narrow feet and a narrow heel, so he says that they fit really nicely.  For this sock I am using a bright orange accent for the heel, there is a kelly green cuff, both that I purchased as mini skeins from Vesper sock, I am hoping that there is enough for the toes in orange also.


    Lastly, I am knitting socks with the Mrs Crosby’s yarn that I won at YarnCon.


    It is a single ply, which gives me some pause as to durability in socks.  I must admit that I am not loving how this is knitting up, both in the handling of the yarn, and in the way the colors play together.  I will say that it is a very very soft sock, knit in a 1×1 twisted rib.  The toes and heels will definitely have to be knit with a much sturdier yarn, and I think that they will be for my husband.  Some fun contrasting colors are in order.


    • salpal1 1:41 pm on May 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      all those fun heels and toes! Love’em. Interesting to hear about Mrs. Crosby – how does it feel to knit with? I actually like the colors, although it is darker than I would have expected from the skein.

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      • knitting1105 2:37 pm on May 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Not my favorite yarn to knit with. Since it is a single ply, I find that my needles get stuck in it periodically.

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    • 1marylou 3:55 pm on June 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Nice colors.

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    • Yvonne Creanga 5:02 pm on June 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      can you do those heels on two circular needles? Somehow I could not figure out how to carry just the yarn for each needle as I have the front/top of the sock on one and the rest on the second.
      Can you see what I am talking about?


      • knitting1105 5:14 pm on June 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        You should be able to. I must admit that I have never made socks on either one (magic loop) or 2 circulars. I love the 5 double point needles. You are simply doing the heel in the round, so there should not be an issue with using 2 circulars. You might want to seek help from someone locally who uses that technique. Sorry that i could not be of more assistance.


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    A bit of sparkle 

    It seems that I have been busier the past couple of weeks, so my knitting has been mainly socks and shawls that do not require a lot of concentration. These socks were knit with yarn that I purchased at YarnCon in 2015; from The Cyborg’s Craft Room, color way is Bangarang.  I loved the colors and the sparkle.


    The yarn did not disappoint (as happens from time to time).  It was a joy to knit with, and the colors are gorgeous.  The sparkle is just a little bit of bling here and there, and does not overwhelm the socks.  Because of the strong colors and the sparkle, I knit a simple twisted rib sock, perfect for this yarn as a pattern would have taken away from the material.


    Here are a couple of detail photos.  They are really much prettier in person as they catch rays of light when you move.


    I love carrying the twisted rib on the top of the foot.  It helps to keep the socks snug when wearing them.


    And on a gardening note, we got a lot of plants in the ground last weekend.  Dan started everything from seed in our basement.  He set up an elaborate system of lights and pulleys and timers and heaters.  I am sure that our house glows at night.  In spite of planting a lot, and already giving some away, we still have a lot of starters.  Some things need to wait for a bit warmer weather.  Basil especially, as we killed it twice last year by putting it out too early.


    This was our Rhubarb last weekend.  My friend Stephanie came over to draw the flower.  I don’t remember ever seeing it flower like this.  Quite interesting.



    • Diane Hamilton 6:20 pm on May 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      You have been busy as usual. Love the socks! In all the years that Dad grew rhubarb on the farm I don’t ever remember it flowering like yours, very interesting!

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      • knitting1105 6:52 pm on May 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks! I never remember having the rhubarb flower before either. It was a great year for our plant. had to give a lot away to stop it from shading the neighboring seedlings. I cut the flower and gave it to my friend to take home and draw. It was hallow on the inside, but a thick skin.


  • knitting1105 2:15 pm on February 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Free Shipping made me do it! 

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor my Batwing pullover, I needed to order some additional balls of Karabella Aurora 8 yarn for the collar.  Happily I found them at Hampton Knitting Yarn, and ordered up 6 balls in the now discontinued color.  Of course, that total came to almost $60, and shipping would have been an additional $6+/-.  If I hit $100, everything would ship for “free”….

    Who could resist that argument?

    Not me….

    A good friends swears that sock yarn does not count in your stash.  For sure, it is one thing that I will definitely use.  Nice handwritten thank-you note with the yarn, and some mints.  Quick service too.  I love the colors of the Cherry Tree Hill yarn, will be fun to find patterns for.




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    A New Direction 

    I purchased this gradient yarn from Knitcircus in 2014 at YarnCon.

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt sat until this year when I purchased yet another of her gradients hoping to make a striped gradient sock.


    Socks like these were on display in her booth, but I am guessing that the gradients are different to allow a more rapid color change


    I did try making striped socks with this combination, but the result was so poor (very little gradation showed up), that I ripped it back and started over.  This time with just the green to blue color and a simple twisted rib sock. Enter problem # 2, I am not a fan of toe up socks, as I think that it is harder to get the size correct and a good hefty gusset.  So, I started with the light blue and knit what I thought was a good amount to use up 1/2 of the yarn, turned my heel, and then knit and knit and knit—really wanting to see the green gradient come through.  The result was laughable, but I still made the toe and sewed it together.



    I don’t know what freak of nature these would even fit!  Therefore, I started the next sock from the opposite end of the skein, thinking that I would have opposing socks and that would solve my problem.  It wasn’t long before I realized that I needed to rip out the first sock.



    So, now I am almost finished with sock number 2, the correct way, and have been using the ripped out sock as a blank to knit from.  Works well.  Lesson learned.



    • Diane 3:04 pm on October 20, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      LOL…I like the 2nd sock much better too. A lot of work for a pair of socks, wear them well!


    • conniewockensolle 12:52 am on October 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      For me, this experience is another proof for the uselessness of most of gradiant yarns…
      mostly the result is ugly…
      only very long gradiance in big projects like cardigans and not mittens or socks have a chance to create acceptable effects…

      well, after all these problems while knitting you know have to wear these… I suggest use them with boots..

      please don’t see my comment as malicious joy, I know about wasted time when knitting and the eagerness to finish a project…

      Cheers, Connie


      • knitting1105 5:10 pm on November 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Your comment made me chuckle. I love a good gradient, and I think in the end, these turned out well. Thanks for your input.


  • knitting1105 11:40 am on March 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Rainbow Groove 

    This morning I woke up to several inched of surprise snow on the ground, and only a couple of days after the first day of Spring!  Not happy.  So, this bright post will remind me of what is sure to be around the corner: colors and flowers and sun.  My knitting and spinning has been on a total Rainbow groove, I originally called it a rut, but my friend Andi from SnB said that there is no way that rainbows are a rut.  Is it my desire for spring, or just need for more color in my life?

    First I knit with this amazing yarn, Monkey socks in progress.


    Which inspired the purchase of this fiber:


    Which prompted me recently to go to Knitterly Things, and look at her beautiful self-striping yarns, they have been on my radar for a long time.  So, my splurge included this Vesper Sock yarn, I was originally going to get another rainbow, but opted for a more serene color palate:


    And, while I was there, these mini wee-skeins called to me to be knit up into something hopefully creative…


    And for a true rainbow, I am making the Dot socks from the Vogue Sock Knitting on the go:


    Here is my cuff, using JaWoll Sock yarn for this:


    And to be totally forthright, as I was organizing and cleaning my stash today, I forgot that I had purchased this last fall at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool from River’s Edge Fiber Arts


    Happy Spring everyone!

    • FogKnits 12:40 pm on March 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Love each and every one of them! I’m a bit of a rainbow addict too 🙂


    • Linda 5:07 pm on April 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Beautiful socks….love the orchid heel. I have not tried this pattern yet; makes me want to get started.


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