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  • knitting1105 9:08 pm on January 11, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    Advent Completed 

    Boy, I got too busy at the end of school then the Holiday rush. I did not post the rest of my Advent openings or my Advent socks. Here goes in one big post. I now wish that I had posted daily.

    As a reminder, the Advent boxes with fiber related items are ones that I packed for myself. I did several of them months ago, and while I remembered a few items, I did succeed in happily surprising myself.

    Day 13

    Day 14

    Day 15

    Day 16

    Day 17

    Day 18

    Day 19

    Day 20

    Day 21

    Day 22

    Day 23

    Day 24 & 25

    Opened these on the 24th, as we were heading out to spend the Holiday weekend with our daughter.

    And here is most of the items all put together:

    This was fun to have something to open every day. I made myself knit the daily stripe on the Advent sock before I allowed myself to open any packages.

    I did get carried away with the daily yarn Advent, especially given that I had nothing in mind to knit with them. While I love the colors and transitions, I would only do this again with a pattern in mind, and knit each day.

    Here is the total Hue Loco transition, I absolutely love it. Thinking of a simple garter stitch Faroese shawl to show off all the beautiful colors. The boxes were very cute to open.

    And here is the Moonglow yarn Advent. I had not planned on purchasing a second one, but when I heard the word Rainbow, I was hooked. These were all small numbered bags inside a larger tote, and came with a large skein of white yarn for accent.

    Where it all started at the beginning of September.





    • Pamela Moriarty 10:19 pm on January 11, 2023 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for sharing. Already looking forward to next Advent.


    • knittingissofun 11:12 am on January 12, 2023 Permalink | Reply

      What a great idea. I’m sure if I packed up an advent calendar now I’d totally forget what was in it by December.


  • knitting1105 10:25 pm on December 18, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Lost Sock 

    I started knitting these socks for my SIL last week. He has large feet, so they were a lot of knitting on the foot. We went away for the weekend and I took the newly started second pair to work on. While knitting in the car, I quickly realized that I had forgotten the first sock to match. No matter, as I had the pattern and color changes easily memorized, so I started knitting the second pair. When we got home, I looked and looked for the first sock. Even my husband helped, but it was nowhere to be found. I knew that it was in the house somewhere. This befuddled me, and I had a restless sleep over a lost sock, but kept knitting away on the second.

    I have plenty of orphan socks from the washing machine, but this was a first to lose one of the socks as I was knitting up the pair. I normally keep them together in the same knitting bag.

    I finally resorted to my friend Becky’s all-time cure for finding lost objects. Say the following while turning around 3 times.

    “Tony, Tony turn around I’ve lost the sock and it cant be found.”

    I had to text Becky to say that it wasn’t working, and with her review while I was sitting in bed, low and behold there was the sock. Sitting amongst the patterned cover on my husband’s side of the bed. He had been sleeping beneath it for the past 2 nights! Luckily neither he nor the cats were stabbed by the darning needle that was still hooked in the toe.

    It was like a “Where’s Waldo event. This made me so happy.

    This is the 4th of my #BackyardChicken socks from #HueLoco. There is still a bag more of roosters and hens to come. The yarn is the Swedish Flower Hen. There were lots of photos, but I thought this looked the closest to how she dyed the yarn.

    It is knitting up a little pinker than I had thought it would. I am trying to knit each of these Chicken socks a little differently. I opted for cuff stripes and alternating toe colors. Here is my progress thus far.

    I am alternating the purple adn green stripes from sock to sock. The toes will also be alternate colors. Should have them finished in plenty of time for Christmas.


    • Diane Hamilton 2:35 am on December 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      That is so funny! I’m glad the saying worked. I always call on Anita for help with lost items.


  • knitting1105 2:13 pm on December 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Counting up, 1/2 way there 

    I have now finished through Day 12 of the Advent box, yarn sets and striped sock yarn, I want to find a pattern for the Advent mini-skeins. School is winding down, and I think that I will have time now to start one of the Advent mini-skeins. the Hue Loco one is calling me. My afternoon is searching for that perfect pattern.

    Day 9

    Day 10

    These were Alpaca socks that I bought at the Michigan Fiber Fest last summer. Will be very cozy for the winter.

    Day 11

    Koigu skein of yarn, pretty Christmas colors. Destined to become a pair of fingerless mitts.

    Day 12

    I have not finished the 12th Advent stripe on the socks. Normally I knit top down socks, and have my lengths down to a science. Starting at the toe is not my go-to and I am not sure where exactly to put the salvage yarn to do the after-thought heel. I am thinking mid-point of the day 11 stripe. Still muddling this over. And the Herman the German roasted almonds are one of my favorite treats!





  • knitting1105 8:17 pm on December 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    I need to catch up on my Adventing. I continue to surprise myself with what I put into the Advent re-used box.

    Day 5

    And the Advent self-striping socks from Cozy Knitter. This is absolutely the best Advent item. It is a very busy time of the year for me, and I can always find the time to knit 4 rows on the 2 pairs of socks. By Christmas, I will have a pair of socks to gift out. As a bonus, this yarn will make 2 pair of Advent socks. I still have the remainder from last year to knit up.

    Day 6

    Yummy caramels

    Day 7

    Needle point guards, and more beautiful mini-skeins.

    Day 8

    One of many Coco Knits products, stitch markers. And the Moonglow rainbow continues.





  • knitting1105 10:01 pm on December 4, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Last year I participated in Knitting Advent for the first time. I did the Advent socks by Cozy Knitter, and the beautiful Advent box by Twice Sheared Sheep. I knew that I wanted to participate again, and was not sure I would find a knitter’s box for Advent, so I chose to take the box from Twice Sheared Sheep last year, and refill it myself. I started in the Spring, hoping to fill all of the 25 boxes. I planned on surprising myself by forgetting what I had purchased.

    And then, I signed up for the Cozy Knitter Advent socks again. I truly enjoyed this last year, the perfect knitting challenge in this hectic time period. and the bonus, on December 25th, I had a pair of handknit socks that could be gifted out.

    Next I was sucked down the rabbit hole. First it was Hue Loco and their Advent yarn collection, I thought that was enough. And then, Moonglow Yarns had to go and post their rainbow Advent. I was hooked again.

    Here are all my Advents together. This is giving me something to look forward to during these busy times.

    Day 1 & Day 2 together.

    The project bag was purchased last summer at the Michigan Fiber Fest. I love the sheep fabric.

    This is the Advent yarn all spun up. I was not able to start knitting until today, but was able ot catch up on both socks. I opted to start toe-up, which is not my preferred method. I find it very fiddly to get the toe started, but it worked. I figured that this would be easier to make the socks the correct length and use all of the yarn. Aren’t the colors so pretty!?

    Day 2

    Day 3

    I surprised even myself with the CocoKnits needle gauge for Day 3. See, just a few months and I even forgot what I had purchased to surprise myself.

    Day 4

    i am finally caught up. Some Eucalan for my handknits, and more beautiful mini skeins that I am still at a loss as what to do with.

    More Advent to come. I will attempt to blog on a more regular basis.

    Happy Advent everyone. To those who do not celebrate, please have a safe and Peaceful December.





    • Pamela Moriarty 7:39 am on December 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Brilliant idea to gift yourself. I am using my 12 Days of Christmas boxes to make a calendar for my daughter to begin on the 25th. Her husband came home from work with an Advent calendar from Bonne Maman. So she is the only one without an Advent calendar.

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  • knitting1105 3:45 pm on November 22, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Chicken #2 

    The second pair of Chicken Socks is finished. This time, Dark Cornish Rooster. I do seem to be attracted to the Roosters, I think that they have more vibrant colors.


    This was a highly variegated yarn, and therefore also needed a pattern to compliment that. Hence the Monkey Socks by Cookie A yet again. I cannot count how many times I have knit this pattern.

    The sock knit up nicely, I opted to change the heel and cuff colors and do a striped toe.

    One thing that was written in the original Monkey pattern, was after you have finished the heel and picked up the sides for the gusset, on the next row do a twisted stitch to firm that pick-up. I had glossed over that part on my first few Monkey socks, but when I tried it, I really liked the effect. Every sock that I make with a heel gusset now has this technique. If you look closely, it is visible in this photo.





  • knitting1105 2:44 pm on November 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Chicken #1 

    I finally decided to start knitting my chicken (rooster) yarns. The first one that I chose was Blue Splash Wheaton Rooster


    The yarn has so much variegation to it, that the sock pattern wanted to be fairly simple.

    I chose just a simple 1×1 rib with a cable running down each side.

    They came out so pretty. Saving for Christmas gift.

    The contrasting heels and toes are a nice accent.

    I really like this yarn and the colors. There is enough left for a pair of short socks.

    Trying to stay away from the website!



  • knitting1105 9:41 am on September 26, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    My Chickens 

    I have always wanted backyard chickens. I had been waiting for years until the roof got replaced, new fence put in and other things. I had even been planning a really cool Bungalow chicken coop. Now, with a full-time job, I am too busy and the occasional travels make taking care of them so much harder.

    So, Hue Loco had these amazing sock sets modeled after Chickens and Roosters. You can see some of the current ones here. I really blame my S’nB buddies Mimi and Andrea for introducing me to these sets. And, I started ordering a couple of years ago. They were so pretty and I just admired them in my knitting room. Now is the time to fess up:

    This is enough, and I need to start knitting them up. Next, after assessing the stock, was to choose which ones to start with. I narrowed it down to these 4.

    and chose:


    I think that she did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of this lovely rooster.

    The socks are knitting up beautifully. I am doing a 64 st sock, tubular cast-on with the first 12 rows in twisted 1×1 rib accent color. Then I increased 1 st each front side to allow for a 3×3 cable crossed in opposite directions, keeping the twisted rib. I will do the heel in the orange and the toes in the purple again. Depending on the yardage that I have, I may reverse the accent colors on the second sock.

    And I need to stay away from the Hue Loco website!


    • Pamela Moriarty 10:18 am on September 26, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      This post made me laugh. I love your collection. Each one is more beautiful than the next. I have the August and September from the Flora Collection.


    • dianehamilton4444 12:04 am on September 27, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      These are beautiful colors. I hope you post the finished projects. I understand the stash issue as I have the same problem with my crafts. I’m proud of you using up your stash, I’m sure they will be very pretty.


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