Rainbows and Home News 

I have been knitting slower these past few days, busy with real work and getting things in the house in order.  I am working away steadily on my Rainbow Gradient plyed with Polkadots and Moonbeams, both fibers from Fiber Optic. The gradient spin is finished, and I am about 1/2 way through the polkadots, which is a pencil roving.  Every time that I spin with this, I am reminded how incredibly wonderful it is, no need to predraft, and you get such wonderful consistency.   This will end up looking like a fractal spin, without the fracting (?!).

Prior to spinning the pencil roving I split the braid in half, which it naturally splits into 2 smaller pencil rovings.  Then I wound each half into a center-pull ball, and spin directly from that.  It is so easy to spin, that in theory I could spin for hours without having to adjust my fiber.



Some exciting improvements on the home front.  A new tree, a Chinkapin Oak, to replace the 70-year-old Elm that was taken down 18 months ago.  We are very excited, and hope that it takes well to mask the view across the street.  Lloyd for scale.


And, as part of my basement make-over, a new couch, more appropriately scaled to the space, color is a little off-it is more green.  Now just to order all of the cabinetry that I need and I will have a better relaxation/working/craft room area.