This magazine arrived in my mail the other day.  I knew that it could not be a gift from my family, as they would not know to order this.  My first thought was that it was a trial that I received from taking my spinning class at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival.  But then I looked closely at the mailing label, and it showed a year’s subscription.  So, I tried out my limited internet detective abilities, and found on my account that it was actually a gift from my dear friend Manning.  Thanks again Manning!  I had one dog-eared earlier issue that I have been pouring through.  This will be a fun challenge to learn everything.  Next stop is to find some people to spin with who actually know how to spin, I don’t want to get myself into bad habits.  I have been taking the Manning approach to learning thus far, and just watching YouTube videos.

My knitting is slow but steady these days.  I am guessing that I will get more done as the weather turns cooler, like it is tonight.  I have been working on a pair of cable socks for a friend.  My own design that I improvised as I knit.  the cables travel across the front of the sock.  I had started with just a simple cable down the sides, then decided I was bored with doing that.  I am liking how they are turning out.  The yarn is Panda Wool by Crystal Palace, it is very soft with bamboo in it, and has a nice lustrous sheen.